Christmas tiiiiiiime is heeeeere. Hopefully you read that and sung it aloud like Charlie Brown. That was how it was intended to be read.

The holiday season is officially upon us, and we’re gearing up for some BIG deals for our loyal #OrchidGals. And #OrchidGuys. Did you know we have kickass men’s swim shorts collections?! Probably not. There have been so many changes to Orchid Boutique this year — new brands, new styles, new accessories, new espadrilles, new web layout(!!!!) — that we haven’t had enough time to showcase all of those changes to you.

But fear not, this 2014 ultimate swimwear lovers gift guide, is highlighting “out with the old, in with the new”.

If you’re stuck and can’t find the right gifts for the gals, or guys in your lives, see what we have come up with that’ll blow your bikini bods away.


Men’s Swim Shorts

Okay, so here’s the deal: we officially carry some rockin’ men’s swimwear. We dabbled a bit last year with a few Maaji men’s products and a few Agua Bendita men’s trunks, and it turns out that the men in our lives are just as stoked for designer swimwear as we are.

So this year, we’ve expanded in a major way. I’m talkin’ new brands, new styles, new colors — all to accentuate our boys of summer. Check it out:

Maaji Swimwear Kings of Wind Shorts

men's swimwear


 Crasqi Burqui Trunk

Maaji Swimwear Champion Line Shorts

Crasqi Espanqui Trunk

Maaji Swimwear Greyhauuunds Shorts

Crasqi Gresqui Trunk


Maaji Swimwear Pixel Puzzle Shorts

men's swimwear


This is only the tip of the men’s swimwear iceberg, people. Head on over to our main site and shop the rest of our men’s collection today — the perfect holiday gift in preparation for those warm summer days.


Espadrille Shoes

Honestly, everyone loves a good pair of espadrille flats. They’re versatile, fun, fashionable, and functional. These are the perfect gift for the girl on the go, that doesn’t like to hobble around on stilettos all day long. We have expanded our espadrille collection to new lengths, mixing funky prints and wild color patterns. The hottest holiday gift is here.

Kaanas Serengeti Black Sneaker


Maaji Swimwear Wild Flower Sneakers

Seafolly Seaside Indigo Stripe

Kaanas Phuket Gold


Maaji Swimwear Tractor Sandals


We do have a pretty amazing selection of women’s footwear. Check out the rest today and cover her feet this holiday season.


Flash Tattoos

Flash Tattoos


By now, you know that Flash Tattoos are all the rage. They are THE ultimate accessory of the season. Since adding these to our website, flash tattoos have been flying off the shelves faster than you can say “metallic temporary tattoo“. Okay, so that’s a mouthful, but you get the gist. If you’re shopping for your sister, your crazy aunt, your wild girlfriend, or your boho work acquaintance, this is the gift for her.


Beach Bracelets

Another PHENOM gift for your gal OR guy this holiday season, comes from our collection of beach bracelets. Not only are our Hipanema bracelets back and better than ever with their 2015 styles, but we also have incorporated a few men’s styles, or even unisex wrist accouterments. Who doesn’t love a handmade, one-of-a-kind gift this holiday season?

Gorjana Bali Ring to Wrist Bracelet


Hipanema Octopussy Beach Bracelet


Crasqi The Alchemist Beach Bracelet

Hipanema Leopard Beach Bracelet

Shop more of our beach jewelry collection to find the perfect holiday accessory.


Women’s Swimwear

Now, we wouldn’t be the hottest online designer swimwear company without mentioning that the PERFECT gift for your gal would of course be a 2015 just-released, hot off the presses, bikini. Honestly, we couldn’t be more thrilled with our 2015 collection of swimwear this year. Some of these puppies have already been selling like crazy (hint: Orchid Label this year is top notch with fresh designers and killer high waisted swimwear). Shop our newest, as well as our deeply discounted 2014 stuff today, and get her the swimsuit she’s been eyeing all along.

We have a brand new Holiday Gift Guide section on our website that allows you to shop all different gift ideas for both men and women. We’ve decided to make holiday shopping simple this year, so have as t it in one fell swoop with Orchid Boutique.

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