The Top 10 Trends You’ll Be Seeing in 2019 Swimwear Collections

Now that Mercedes Benz Swim Week is a wrap, we can sit down and organize our thoughts rather than be doing a thousand things at a time. Don’t get me wrong, the events and the shows were an absolute blast, but it’s nice to take some time out and actually focus on the swimwear trends that we’re sure to see soon once the collections arrive.

Animal Print Bikinis

One of the top trend that you’ll be seeing in the 2019 swimwear collections is the focus of animal prints. But this year it isn’t necessarily the basic leopard or cheetah print that we saw in 2018. This year there is a focus on the actual animal’s photo itself! Like this Vitamin A printed triangle top below. It takes the words “animal print” and transforms them into a completely different meaning.

Animal print bikinis have a tribal, jungle flair that is sexy and fashionable. New and established designers alike are coming up with animal print styles for their swimwear items, apart from the must-have leopard bikini. At The Orchid Boutique we offer leopard print bikinis, monokinis, one piece swimsuits, as well as snake print, zebra print, cow print, crocodile print, and more. Every fashion gal longs for that leopard print swimsuit or bikini that exudes a sexy flair.

A new take on animal prints in 2019 is coming. Keep an eye out for this fashionable trend.

Strappy Bottoms or Caged Bikini Tops

Caged Bikini Tops are one of the hottest trends that we’ve been talking about for months now. We’ve also seen it in some of last year’s collections, the extra thick straps of material.  Caged bikini tops offer an amazing benefit of covering up a little more of the rib drift, resulting in an elongated torso. This gives the illusion of a thinner, more-toned core, which is something every woman wants to highlight! Having a side cage swimsuit, or even a strappy bikini, allows for a sexier way to cover up just a little more of your skin without having to wear a one piece. Rocking a cut out swimsuits will be the hot new trend in 2019.



Bralette Tops

Bralette Tops are the go-to choice for the girl who seeks a trendy top that will give her the support and comfort she would expect from a sporty-style bra. They are known for offering a sweet and simple look that is fashionable yet perfect for any activity out in the sun. Like a sports bra, bralette bikini tops typically feature more coverage around the bust with straps that provide added support.


Ethnic Print Swimwear

This up-and-coming trend is wildly showcased with such notable designers as Onda de Mar and Agua Bendita. Ethnic print swimwear uses tribal designs and primitive patterns to take that style up a notch. This year Onda de Mar had a ton of ethnic printed swimwear, which when combined with bright colors and shiny embellishments, really put on quite the swimwear spectacle.

Crop Top Bikinis

Similar to wrap tops and bralette tops, the crop top bikini is a must for the girl-on-the-beach-go. At The Orchid Boutique, we carry a wide variety of sporty bra tops that offer maximum support for larger busts, criss-cross straps for optimal control during high-intensity sports, and thicker fashion straps for a boho and chic “cami look” that is trending for 2019. When going for the sporty look, you’re picking out a bikini top that is not the standard. Sporty tops are so versatile that they are good for beach volleyball, swimming, surfing, jogging, and even working out. Leave the fear of your swimsuit falling off behind or the annoying pain at your neck from a string-bikini knot!

Wrap Bikini Tops

This is the trend that has completely taken over swimwear. Wrap Bikini Tops offer an amazing benefit of covering up a little more of the rib drift, resulting in an elongated torso. This gives the illusion of a thinner, more-toned core, which is something every woman wants to highlight! Another great benefit is that most wrap tops are constructed somewhat like a halter, meaning you will get the coverage and support you need for the bust while accentuating your natural curves. They are also completely adjustable, so they are the perfect top option for almost any bust size. Having a wrap style bikini, or even a wrap swimsuit, allows for a sexier way to cover up just a little more of your skin without having to wear a one piece.


Black Swimsuits

Sexy black swimsuits can be worn regardless of the age, era, or season trends. It’s never too early or late to wear a black bikini or swimwear, it’s just like a dress. The great thing about black swimsuits is that they are perfect for every body type. This year at the Mercedes Benz Swim Show, there was an abundance of black bikinis dying to make it down the runway. We love the sleek, chic, sexy appeal of a little black bikini.


High Waisted Bikinis with Cut Outs

You know we love high waist bikinis. It’s always been a huge focus in the brands we carry year after year. The retro style combined with the chic modern flair creates the ultimate swimwear style piece. But now these designers are taking it one step further and adding side cut outs to the high waisted bottoms. It creates a very sexy trend when the hips are exposed, and we all know that when it comes to swimwear, sometimes showing the more skin the better.



Mesh/Crochet Bikinis

The beauty of mesh, or crochet bikinis lies in that adding crochet detail can result in truly original and couture fashion. Our designer bikinis are showered with mesh detail creating a one of a kind piece. Even in ever so subtle measures, crochet swimsuits have an incredible appeal. Crochet appliques in swimsuits and bikinis give the item an extra kick and fashionable flair. Even pairing two crochet swimsuits of the same style side by side will yield different results.


Rashguards are a type of water wear suit, normally made of spandex, nylon, and polyester. They are most notably worn while surfing when the weather is too warm for a wet suit. The rashguards origin? None other than Australia! You can use these trendy rashguard tops to stay out of the sun and keep your shoulders hidden from those dangerous rays. It doesn’t hurt that these long-sleeves tops are extremely trendy!

The upcoming new swimwear collections will be coming out before you know it. We’re so excited to bring you these exciting new trends and looks before anyone else. Consider us your number one  source for all upcoming styles this 2019 season. Happy shopping!

Ana Lopez

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