The Top 10 Trends You’ll Be seeing in 2018 Swimwear Collections

Well, 2018 Swim Week has come to a close!  It’s always a blur of a week: the sights, the sounds, the shows, the food and drinks, and of course, the bikinis!  And, just like every year, we are left a bit fatigued but dazzled by the excitement of the 2018 swimwear collections to be released in the upcoming months. Now, it’s time to think about the trends we can all expect to see once these new collections arrive.

High-Neck Crop Tops

Last year, we saw this uber cute retro style creeping up here and there, but it had not yet reached its trend peak. Well, this year, it is without a doubt, going to be EVERYWHERE in swimwear. Designer brands like Malai 2018 collection have got this look down to a tee.  The greatest part about this trend?  Throw on a pair of high waisted shorts or a skirt with a denim jacket and you’ve just transitioned from beach to bar in a snap.


Surfer Chic

Whether you are a boho girl from southern Cali or you just really like the way those girls dress, you can totally get away with this look. 2018 is going to be all about a new look we like to call “Surfer Chic”. Some of our favorites include looks from the Maaji 2018 collection and the Vitamin A 2018 collection, since they’ve masterfully combined active wear and swimwear into one multi-faceted, multi-functioning collection.

Crochet Crazy & Macrame Mad

The more intricate the design, the more time it takes to create amazing unique swimwear designs. Of course, the more intricate the design, the more we LOVE it!  This year, Mar de Rosas 2018 collection won us over with their elaborated collection where in lots of pieces have some form of crochet worked into the design. What’s more, the Malai 2018 collection is nailing the macrame detail at back, bringing us the Sandcastle One Piece in a beautiful color block style. Killin’ it, ladies.

Caged & Strappy

We saw this trend coming on the scene last year and throughout the season, it became more and more prevalent. Well, now this sexy, strappy train is leaving the fashion station, and trust us, you’re going to want to be riding along. The best part about the caged look is that it lets little bits of your bikini bod play peek-a-boo with the sunshine, resulting in coverage where you need it and exposure enough to leave some to the imagination… and possibly some pretty sick tan lines. I mean, seriously. Just look at that caged Red Poppies piece from the new Maylana 2018 collection. Holy tan lines, batman.

Color Block Bikinis

Get ready, because the 2018 season is about to be print-fabulous! We’re in love with the new Touché 2018 collection, which is basically like dying and going to heaven. And of course, you can always count on brands like Maylana 2018 collection to make solid combinations with the variety of color block designs. 

Sporty Spice Swimwear


I couldn’t have predicted that one day, it would be totally acceptable (and considered super high fashion) to walk out onto the beach wearing the swimsuit equivalent of a sports bra. But, thanks to the emergence of this sexy sporty look in the 2017, I can be simultaneously cute and comfy on the beach. And who doesn’t want that?  Even high profile designer brand Maylana Swimwear is mixing a simple sporty top with some skimpy high fashion bottoms for a subtle sporty-chic look.

Monokini Mamas

Last year, we saw a distinct arising of the one-piece comeback. I know that when I was younger, buying a one-piece swimsuit was reserved for moms taking their kids to the pool for the day.  Anyone under the age of 40 simply did not buy any swimsuit that wasn’t in two distinct pieces. Well, I am here to tell you that has changed! Monokinis are just as sexy and just as flattering as any skimpy bikini, but they have the added bonus of covering up the parts of our bodies that we aren’t exactly super pleased about. Although many brands are going with bold, bright colors and prints, other brands decided to take the simple route with a neutral colored solid one piece with minimal cut-outs just like this High Neck Mykonos from Touche. In this case, less is definitely more.

Keyhole Cut-outs

Another trend we kept seeing repeated throughout the entire Swimshow was the keyhole cut-out. We predict that we’ll be seeing a lot of these accent peek-a-boo spots pop up in the fronts, sides, and backs of swimsuits throughout the season. OndadeMar 2018 Swimwear (pictured right) showed us a one piece with a bralette style and sexy cut-outs down the center. Like Onda de Mar, many brands this year have chosen to combine several of the 2016 hot trends into one spectacular piece. That, in our opinion, is pure genius.

Neutrals, Nudes, and Earth Tones

We know that there will always be designers that will be our go-to for bright colors, bold prints, and embellishments. For example, we know that the Mar de Rosas 2018 collection will be made up of all embroidered and embellished pieces, and that’s one of the many reasons that we love them. But many of the brands, like Malai Swimwear, are showing their new collections this year the trendy use of neutral shades like mauve, beige, eggshell, and all variations of nude. The best part of this trend?  These toned-down colors play up the intricate design and structure of your new bikini. Oh, and bonus: everyone looks tan in taupe. Just saying.

Resort Wear & Apparel

Considering that the event is called SWIMweek, we usually do not spend a huge portion of the week looking at apparel. But this year, we were so inundated with beautiful cover-ups, rompers, jumpers, kimonos, dresses, pareos, tunics, pants and shorts, we found ourselves wide-eyed and captivated. Brands that have perfected their swim style to a science are now rolling out the red carpet for amazing and complex apparel designs. For instance, the Estivo 2018 Swimwear collection has an amazing balance of surf-ready high fashion suits as well as intricately-sewn mesh and neoprene tunics. We are in love!

The upcoming 2018 Swimwear collections will be coming out before you know it. We’re glad to be able to bring you the very first comprehensive look at the hottest and newest trends about to hit the swimwear market!  Questions? Other trends you noticed this year? Leave us a comment below!  Happy shopping!

Daniela Ortega

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