Audrina Coral Monokini by L*Space

Ever get bored of putting on the same swimsuit and wish you could switch up your favorite style to give it a new, updated feel? Well, don’t fret, because we have the perfect solution: convertible swimsuits! What exactly is a convertible swimsuit, you ask? Convertible suits are pieces that can be styled and worn in multiple different ways.

One example of a convertible suit is the Audrina Coral Monokini by L*Space Swimwear. This chic one-piece features gold hardware details on both straps that slide up or down to create both halter and triangle style tops. With this feature, you get the option of rocking either a sexy triangle top or a more modest halter.

Bendita Cabriola by Agua Bendita

Another great convertible style is the monokini that converts to a two-piece swimsuit, for example, the Bendita Cabriola by Agua Bendita Swimwear. No ordinary one piece, this swimsuit features a funky overall-style design with a coordinating bandeau worn underneath. To convert this suit to a bikini, simply untie the shoulder straps and bring down the overall panel. This style is perfect for the fashionista that wants to avoid monokini tan lines!

Oasis Keyhole by Paradizia

A third style that provides the option to change up your look is the Oasis Keyhole two-piece suit by Paradizia Swimwear. This suit features a criss-cross strap detail that creates a trendy keyhole effect at the bust. But this top is also easily convertible to a more classic style. Simply uncross the straps in the front and tie at the neck to wear this top as a halter.

As swimwear junkies, we’re always looking for the next great feature in designer swimsuits and we are loving these convertible suits for their dynamic and ever-changing style. Stay tuned for Part Two of the convertible swimsuit saga to read about even more changeable styles!


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