Whether you’re headed to Greece or Hawaii, any honeymoon destination is perfect for the always-stylish white swimsuit. And no, you do not need to worry if you plan to don your white bikini after Labor Day (that rule doesn’t quite apply anymore)! The classic white bikini is traditional but distinctive at the same time, playing up skin tones while offering an attractive silhouette. With charm and simplicity, white suits may appear to be merely solid-colored, but, lucky for all of us, they come in a variety of selections.

Despi SwimwearOne marvelous option is Magnifique Bikini by Despi Swimwear 2010 in, of course, a beautiful vibrant white.

With an all-white appeal that brightens any day, the suit has added sparkle with gold studded detailing at the straps and on the hips. The gold and white combination lends itself entirely to luxury and style. For a look that’s sexy, unique and ultra trendy (Lindsay Lohan was spotted in a white swimsuit recently!), try out this Despi bikini.

So no matter where you’re headed on your destination honeymoon, take with you the white color that made you stand out at the wedding and make an even more powerful statement on your trip with a white bikini!

For more on Despi Swimwear, stay tuned for the 2010 collection debuting soon.


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