Fashion influence comes in three majors forms: celebrities, runway shows, and blogger/street style. Trends arise every season and are covered by these three main venues to inspire. Fashion trends are often contagious and spread from interiors, to clothing, shoes, and even swimwear. We’re deep in a polka dotted world right now with a trend that’s starting on the runways, popping up on celebrities and hitting the streets.

Designers such as Diane Von Furstenberg and Marc Jacobs were inspired by retro and vintage polka dots while creating their 2011 collections.

Celebrities such as Nicky Hilton and Katy Perry picked up the trend and chose it for numerous events.

Bloggers and street style followers cover what current trends real people are wearing right now and polka dots have been a high-trending topic.

At The Orchid Boutique we have identified polka dots as a major trend and provided a category dedicated to this print for easy shopping. Whether you’re searching for a vintage polka dot or a modern polka dot, you’ll find them all here. Polka dots are an excellent print to choose as an overall fabric for a swimsuit, but it’s often used as an accent. A personal favorite has to be the Retro Polka Dot. This one piece swimsuit, that’s an exclusive style from Sabz, has some obvious retro inspiration and loves the polka dot print all over. A black and white print with some camel colored piping detail, this suit features a plunging neckline for the perfect amount of cleavage. An enamel embellishment at the center offers a sophisticated detail to complete this look.

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