I’m a local in Miami and even I have days where I pretend I’m on vacation here. I love touring the city to find new things to do, different restaurants to indulge in, fun events to get wild at or just beautiful areas to walk through. No one knows this city’s versatility better than the locals! There is a lot more to South Beach than just swimsuits and clubs.  In reality, it feels like we are our own little country in the middle of south Florida. Here, spanish is pretty much our first language, your 2AM craving for Cuban food can actually be fulfilled, and you will definitely get honked at if you are driving the speed limit. I love my city, and I’ll happily share it’s secrets with you.

Eat Pubbelly Sushi

I’ve mentioned my love for sushi before, but Pubbelly Sushi has my heart. I found it on a rare night that I was going to Purdy Lounge with a sober mind. (Just to give you an idea, some of friends call it the “Dirty Purdy”.) I didn’t want to start my dancing-filled night with an empty stomach, and Pubbelly was right around the corner. What a lovely mistake that place was! I ordered the tostones with ceviche and the Rockshrimp roll. First of all, I’m obsessed with both tostones and ceviche and couldn’t believe I had never had the pair together. Why did it take our society so long to figure this out!? As far as the Rockshrimp roll, it had the perfect ‘pow’ of spice. Everything was so fresh and delicious. I often dream about this place when I’m hungry…

Get your deliciousness here:

1424 20th Street

Miami Beach, Florida 33139



Farmers Market in Brickell

Every Friday and Saturday a small farmers market is hosted in the heart of Brickell. It’s a delicious happening to stumble upon during a sunny afternoon. You will find organic vegetables, honey, fresh smoothies, baked goods and much more. When I have the time, I make a point to buy my veggies here. Not only do a save a ton of money compared to the expensive supermarket, but I’m also supporting our hard working farmers. Occasionally I give in to the extras such as the freshly juiced smoothies or the Colombian empanadas…. MMMmm. I’m telling you Miami is full of delicious surprises.

Here is the address:

1300 S Miami Ave
Miami, FL 33130


Oleta State River Park

This adventure park is a bit outside of Miami, but well worth the trip. I found it because my silly sister woke up one day and wanted to go kayaking. We made the drive and hopped into the kayaks where we soon saw “Beware of alligators” signs everywhere. Needless to say my kayak experience was filled with my sister screaming every two minutes, but I still enjoyed myself. Once you kayak out of the mangroves and into the ocean, the water is clear blue and totally worth the exercise. The park also offers biking trails, canoeing, fishing, hiking and basically all of the outdoor activities you can think of. I wish I had a picture of my sister’s terrified face to share with you…womp, womp ;(

Here is the park’s information:

3400 N.E. 163rd Street
North Miami, Florida 33160

(305) 919-1846

Orchid Boutique SOBE

I encourage all of our customers who tell me they are visiting Miami to stop by the Orchid Boutique South Beach. Our store is beautiful, I’m not just saying this. If you have visited Miami Beach before, you already know that luxury boutiques are hard to find there. Much of South Beach is full of tourist shops that lack exclusivity and quality. Shocking, I know, but our store is one of the very few that carry luxury designer swimwear. What can I say? We like to stand out. Feel free to call us ahead of time to make an appointment. Although we have a curated selection at the store, we can bring any available styles that you see online to try on there.

You can find us here:

224 8th Street

Miami Beach, Florida 33139


Actor’s Playhouse Miracle Mile

Miracle Mile is one of my favorite areas in Miami. It’s historic, making it a very scenic walking route. One of our greatest historical landmarks is the Actor’s Playhouse. It’s been in Miami for 25 years and has still kept its old school theater vibe which makes it impossible to forget. They bring the arts to Miami, as well as provide opportunities for local actors. I watched Stewart Little at the playhouse a couple of years ago and it was a great experience. Stewart Little’s makeup was so good it wasn’t until I read the Playbill that I learned Stewart was being played by a girl! It’s a cozy theater so no matter where you are sitting, you can enjoy the show.

Get in touch with your inner art lover here:

280 Miracle Mile

Coral Gables, FL 33134

(305) 444-9293

Eat Cuban Food

Just do it. If you come to Miami and you don’t eat Cuban food, you actually never came to Miami. What better spot to try Cuban cuisine than on Calle Ocho? Tinta y Café is the top pick for this food mission. Since the menu is in Spanish, I’ll be happy to recommend El Croqueton. It’s a croqueta sandwich with ham and Swiss cheese. If you don’t know what a croqueta is, get on a plane right now! And don’t tell anyone that information.

Your food destination is here:

268 Calle Ocho

Miami, Florida 33130

Let me know your Miami recommendations, and if you’ve tried any of mine! Enjoy.


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