Three Spring Things

Spring is my favorite season because I’m a girl and I feel like it’s the most girly season. I mean really, how can you argue that? The flowers bloom, the breeze lightly blows and the sky has those cute, puffy clouds. In the fashion world, it also brings the best trends. My must-haves for the season are floral prints, pastel colors and bright makeup.

Although I am all about a fun, floral swimsuit, I feel like the print can embraced even more. A good friend of mine was wearing floral leggings at happy hour the other day. I won’t lie the floral pants trend really made me nervous before. But when I saw them on her, paired with a loose, black tank top, I started thinking of a million ways to steal them from her. On the accessories end of fashion, my 12 year old niece is constantly wearing a headband with a lovely, over-sized flower on it. You can’t get more spring then that! From head to toe, this is a trend we should all take to summer.

Pastels hit swim week hard this season and it reminded me of middle school, in a good way. Those were the days where my nail polish obsession grew rapidly, and my mother taught me well enough to always use Essie. Essie is the queen of pastel nail polish to me. Pair a coral maxi dress with your pastel nails and you’ll be the spring queen. I’ve always wanted that title. My private schools never had those at our dances.

If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with makeup, so the bright makeup looks for spring just get me giddy. I recently acquired a light green shimmery eye pencil. I know – so freaking exciting. I add it under my lower lash line and it really makes my brown eyes pop. If you have light eyes, it also does wonders. A makeup trend I have yet to try but that is on my list is the coral/orange lips look. My sister has dark brown hair and olive skin and looks like she naturally has that shade of lips when she wears it. I know. She’s so annoying.


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