Tips for Making Your Manicure & Pedicure Last

Nothing ruins your day more than getting home from a relaxing manicure to find (gasp!) a chip in your newly polished nails. Regular manicures are a must now-a-days, so finding the time and money to repair chipped or smudged nail polish is nothing but a pain in the buns! Fear not friends, we have just the solution.  Try these do-it-yourself tips to extending the longevity of your manicure because there is no better beach accessory than freshly polished nails. Trust me, your wallet will thank you.

Wear Gloves

Now, this doesn’t mean you should permanently wear rubber gloves throughout the day, because then who’d get to drool over your new nail art? When you’re washing dishes, cover your hands with rubber gloves to prevent extra chipping or soapy residue to remain. Also when the temperature takes a dip this fall, bust out your mittens to prevent any further damage with the extreme temperatures.

Skip the Finger Jacuzzi

Most salons soak your nails in warm water to soften up your cuticles. Don’t let them! This actually allows your nail beds to expand when you submerge them in warmer water, then shrink back when they dry causing the new coat of polish to become loose. Instead of the nail bath, try asking for cuticle oil!

Top it Again

Reapplying a top coat after a few days will help rejuvenate the manicure/pedicure to its original luster. You can use the base coat as a topcoat. Simply brush the topcoat on and around the edges of nails so that it becomes an extra seal against chipping. This will also help extend the life of your mani/pedi. Because really, who wants to be rocking a new Hipanema bracelet with a gargantuan gash in their polish? Answer: not one gal.

Ditch the Sanitizer

We know that avoiding all the daily bacteria you come in contact with is crucial, but I’m sorry to say hand sanitizer is ruining your manicure. The alcohol eats away at your top coat causing the color to fade. Rather than lathering with sanitizer, try washing your hands with a mild antibacterial soap more often.

Watch the Heat

Normally, nail polish takes up to twelve hours to fully dry and harden. That’s exactly half of the day! Any sort of heat during that time will interfere with the curing process, causing the polish to smudge, eventually crack, or become loose. So stay away from extreme temperatures during the drying process, as well as wearing socks or closed-toed shows!


Keeping your fingers and toes soft and smooth will help the skin stay supple. Dry skin can eventually tear away and cause the nail polish to slightly flake at the edge. Moisturizing should already be a part of your daily routine, so make sure when you coat your skin, pay extra attention to the surrounding nail bed area.

Hopefully, these tips sparked some interest. Let your beautifully polished nails guide the way in sharing your own tricks of the trade below!

Ana Lopez

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