Top 10 Celebrity Man Buns…..Probably Not the Buns You Think.

I have a declaration to make. Not everyone will agree with me. Not everyone sees the appeal. But one thing is for sure — I am a huge fan of the man bun. Hopefully you agree with me, and if not, take a few minutes to peruse these celebrities and maybe by the end you can get behind these man buns (buh dum chh).

I don’t know what it is exactly about this celebrity hairstyle that I love so much. But I find these male celebrities incredibly attractive when they pull up their long hair into a very swoon-worthy bun. Take Jared Leto for example. His ombre long locks caused such a stir at the Academy Awards, he almost stole the entire show. Is it because as women if we see a man with gorgeous, well taken care of hair, we admire his dedication and hair-brushing techniques? Are we jealous? Are we mad that they can just throw up their long hair and literally don’t care about how it comes out?

Regardless, we’ve compiled a definitive ranking of the hottest man buns to come into our lives. Just imagine these hot male celebs rocking their man buns all along the coast of a beach, in their men’s swimwear. Check it out:

1. Jared Leto

2. Chris Hemsworth

3. Jason Mamoa

4. Bradley Cooper

5. David Beckam

6. Avan Jogia

What do you think of man buns? Do you think they are a fashion trend fading fast?

Jaime Olaya

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