Top 20 monokinis for 2019

Spring break is approaching FAST ladies!! From little kids to college kids to your grandma will be on the beach strutting their stuff. Want to stand out and be noticed by that cute guy? Want to feel sexy without revealing too much for the public eye? If only there was a swimsuit that would fit those needs, right? Today seems like your lucky day beauties, there is! Monokinis…are they for you? And if so, which style is best for you? Well let’s think about this: Do you love feeling sexy? Are you proud of the skin you are in? Is a traditional one piece too much coverage and a bikini too little coverage? Well if you answered yes to these questions, then the monokini is right for you!

Did you know that the monokini was first designed as a topless bathing suit? Can you imagine going to the beach with EVERYTHING up top out and free back in 1964? The point of this design was to allow women to celebrate their nudeness in another facet of fashion.

Fast forward more than 50 years after that topless swimsuit was designed, we now have a perfectly balanced swimsuit for any woman regardless of her skin tone, body type or age. The monokini is designed in many different colors, prints, and designs. It allows you to show off your sexy backside and celebrate those gorgeous curves on your body. Not sure which design is right for you? Well, let’s go over my top 20 personal favorite styles…hopefully, you find them just as sexy as I do! 

DISCLAIMER: I adore all the swimsuits on this list with no specific favorite. 

20. The BOAMAR Tropical Infusion Opera White One Piece has an iconic design with long sleeves and cut out details at sides that create curves on every body. This high neck one-piece features an elegant solid color and it provides a cheeky coverage at rear.

19. The Giana Navy Beige One Piece by MaylanaSwimwear features a color block combo. At the very top, there's an elegant beige bralette design and at the bottom, it matches with a dark navy color. This sexy and cool style features multiple cut-outs and laced design that takes this outfit to a whole new level. 


18. Now the TOUCHE Puka Monokini will flatter your figure like no other swimsuit. Perfect no matter what you look like. It is nicely made in red with textured fabric at front hiding your belly button and cutouts on both sides that will have everyone’s heads turning.

17. Feeling a little daring today? Once you put on this Graphite Metallic Stella Bodysuit by Vitamin swimwear you will feel automatically sexy and confident! It has a uniquely deep V-neckline design and also gives you great moderate coverage at the rear. It is perfect for girls that love to show off their curves without sharing too much skin.

16.   The Ella Shell Rose One Piece by Maylana Swimwear has a delicate pink color. This halter one-piece features a deep V-neckline design and a high waist style that provide a retro look. 

15.  Want to show just a little extra skin on your back? Try this beautifully made U-Taupia EcoLux Lilli Bodysuit by Vitamin ASwimwear. This particular Monokini features cut out details at back with a high cut design at front and moderate coverage at rear.

14. Colony Nara One Piece by Verde Limon Swimwear has a halter and a deep V-neckline design at front with a retro high waist style. This animal print one piece provides a moderate coverage cut at the rear.

13. I am so in LOVE with this Dani Blue Stripes Monokini by Maylana Swimwear because it features multi-colored white and blue stripes on the high-waisted bottom part and solid electric blue halter straps that tie at neck. Everyone can rock this Monokini. Literally. 

12. The Giana Studio 54 One Piece by Maylana Swimwear is a cut-out style monokini with multi-colored fun neo pop-art print. This design is to die for! It lets you show skin on the sides without compromising the trouble areas. I ADORE IT!

11. Fefe Asymmetric Diamonds One Piece by Maylana Swimwear has a sexy cut-out design at sides creating curves on every body type. This monokini provides ruching detail at front and it reverses to a solid aqua color. Like having two monokinis at the same time!

10.  The Nina Emerald One Piece by MaylanaSwimwear has definitely the traditional monokini design. It ties at neck and back at it provide cut out details on the sides. This monokini adjusts at sides and it features ruching details at the back.

9.  The AGUA BENDITA Bendito Lara Clementine One Piece has a beautifully detailed floral print, laced details, as well as yellow tassels and an exotic open back. 

8. The Maylana Swimwear Giana Botanic Monokini is one of my personal favorites because it is uniquely different. It has a creative floral print with a caged design that will always stand out from the rest.

7. Looking for a nice and simple blue monokini? Here it is…the Alden Blue Stripes by Maylana Swimwear It has blue stripes with a sexy shark-bite cut-out on the side and is also reversible?! Now that's a bargain!

6. The Dani Peach Monokini by Maylana Swimwear is a backless halter style one piece that ties at your neck with a super cute peach color and a high waisted bottom design. If that's not the perfect swimsuit then I don't know what it is.. 

5.   This TOUCHÉ Marsh monokini has a great bandeau design with cut out details on both sides for just the right touch of added sex appeal! It provides removable straps and pads, full coverage cut at the rear and also cut out details on the back.

4. Jess Autumn Stripes One Piece by Maylana Swimwear is a bralette-style monokini featuring sexy macrame details at sides and stripes print. It is simply gorgeous! 

3.  This Nina Black Monokini by Maylana Swimwear is amazing. It is sexy yet so classy. Shows off the perfect amount of back and side boob with a super chic halter top style. 

2.  The Paige Emerald One Piece by Maylana Swimwear has this gorgeous solid blue color that goes great on all skin tones. The bralette top design ties at front and features a cut-out detail at front and back. 

1. MY NEXT BUY!!! Alden Crochet Monokini by Maylana Swimwear is my #1 all-time favorite monokini. It has a stunning black crochet fabric, a one shoulder top style, and a beautiful side cut that will make you feel like a super model. I cannot get enough of this monokini! I will definitely be purchasing this one next.

Ana Lopez

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