Top 5 High Waisted Bikinis to Rock this Summer

Call me an optimist, but to me there are still a good solid 40 days left of summer. There is still the entire month of August to frolic around in your high waisted bikinis or if you are still waiting to purchase one, now is the time, ladies. Not only is the majority of of our swimwear flying off the shelves, but it is also deeply discounted. When I say deeply, think Grand Canyon status, folks. Also most all of our high waisted swimwear is discounted up to 25% off. That’s HUGE. So for all you swimwear enthusiasts, now is the time to break open that piggy bank.

We talk about high waisted swimsuits a lot, and with good reason. Not only are they a widely popular fashion staple, but this swimsuit trend has been around for ages. In the late 19th century, burlesque performers and actresses used photographic advertisement as business cards to promote themselves. These adverts and business cards could often been found in almost every green room, pinned-up on the wall. Their styles were glaringly obvious and started to form a pattern in fashion. Red lipstick, easy pin curls and victory roll hairstyles and classic fashion and fun prints.

But why? Why does everyone love this high waisted bikini retro fit? Very simply put, it’s super flattering for that stubborn stomach of yours. It flattens your belly without you having to do a thousand sit-ups before hitting the beach. But who really would have thought celebrities would be covering up more than rocking those revealing swimsuits?

High waisted swimwear is a trend that will keep on coming. And for now, we’re featuring some of our favorite high waisted bikinis from our 2018 collections that you can get at a fraction of the cost of the original price. Discounted designer swimwear and cheap bikinis, where do I sign up?

MAYLANA Dayja Cherry Red Bikini

One of our most popular swimsuits from this season!

-Triangle top
-Top ties at neck and back
-Top provides additional padding
-High-waisted bottom style
-Bottom provides full coverage at the rear
-Bottom features caged detail at sides


MALAI Japanese High Waist Bikini


-Triangle bikini top
-White top provides removable pads
-Top ties at back
-Reversible Style 
-High waisted bottom
-Tropical style print 
-Bottom features cut-out detail at sides
-Bottom provides Moderate Coverage at the rear


MAYLANA Dayja Red Stripes Bikini

-Triangle top
-Top ties at neck and back
-Top provides additional padding
-High-waisted bottom style
-Bottom provides full coverage at the rear
-Bottom features caged detail at sides


VITAMIN A Sunflower EcoRib Sienna Bottom



-Solid high waisted bottom
-Bottom provides moderate coverage
-Californian Cut at rear
-Textured fabric

AGUA BENDITA Moonlight Alicia Black Bottom


-Triangle style top
-Solid black color 
-Soft padding
-High waisted design
-Moderate coverage at rear
-Black bottom
-Bottom features textured fabric

That rounds out our Top 5 high waisted bikinis to rock this summer. So do not waste any more time and order a few of these bad boys today. Finish out the summer in style.

Ana Lopez

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