Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations You May Not Have Considered

I tremble with excitement whenever anyone says the words “It’s Wedding Season again!” I must admit that although I enjoy activities like splashing a topless Jeep Wrangler through mud puddles and I often choose boots over heels, when it comes to weddings, I’m all girly through-and-through.  What’s the best part of the wedding planning? The honeymoon, of course!  Not only is it the first time you and your honey get to travel as a married couple, but it’s also a perfect excuse to splurge and plan the. most. perfect. vacation. ever.  Whether you add new hiking boots, snow skiis, or designer swimwear to your wedding registry will depend on where you’re planning to take this most perfect vacation ever.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.  “Great.  Another article about all-inclusive resorts in Hawaii and romantic flats in the heart of Paris.”  Actually, we’ve done some looking around and collected a list of what we believe to be the best (and less well-known) destinations in the world for you and your lovey dovey after you’ve finalized your “I dos.”  Although no offense, Hawaii; and Paris, je t’aime.


#1 Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada 


Do you and your main squeeze prefer cozying up to a ski resort fireplace over soaking up the sun?  Snow angels over sandcastles?  Hot cocoa over piña coladas?  Take your winter honeymoon on the devastatingly beautiful Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada.  Because this lake is pure glacier runoff, the water is a shockingly crystal aqua color and the land around it is rich in life and beauty.  In the winter, the surrounding resorts offer skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and even dog sledding.  (Of course, if you decide to come here in warmer months, there would be plenty to occupy your time like horseback riding, hiking, canoeing, and kayaking.)  And if you needed any more motivation, I mean…just look at those photos.

#2 – Two words: Underwater. Hotel


Stock up on your brazilian bikinis and get ready for the ultimate underwater honeymooning adventure.  This hotel room at the Manta Resort in Tanzania is actually underwater.  You’ll be peering through the 8 large bedroom windows that open to brightly colored tropical fish swimming right by your bed.  For a little fresh oxygen, take a short ladder climb up to the sundeck and lounge.  Call for your meals to be brought to you by boat and never leave your romantic paradise of solitude.

#3 Island of Santorini, Greece


We all know what’s been going on with Greece in the news lately, and I’ve had more than a friend or two take advantage of historically low prices to squeeze in a bucket list trip to Greece.  But with sweeping resorts nestled into the cliff-sides directly overlooking the Mediterranean and boasting some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, a honeymoon in Greece should never be considered “settling for the budget.”  You’re likely to score a room with a jacuzzi and a balcony – overlooking the Mediterranean sunset and providing the perfect backdrop for your private dinner with champagne – at a fraction of the cost.

#4 Ireland


Whether or not you’re Irish by heritage, this place is amazingly beautiful and a must-see for everyone.  Castles, cathedrals, and cobblestone paths will cause any couple to get lost and to rediscover themselves in an underground pub with a pint of Guiness and some locals to regale them with tall tales of their family history.  Don’t go with a diet in mind, though, because Shepherd’s Pie is too damn good to resist.

#5 Countryside of England


Let’s not forget about our uber civilized and sophisticated readers who would love nothing more on their honeymoon than to be served tea for two and be treated like a member of Downton Abbey for a week.  Now you can.  Just venture to the countryside of Berkshire and stay in a manor house, like George Clooney did when we was wooing Amal Alamuddin after their nuptials.  (Although I hear they’re now on the rocks, so you may want to reconsider following in his footsteps.)


Now I could offer you some inspirational words about your honeymoon signifying the very first time that you are stepping out onto the platform of life as a newly-united force drawn together by love and passionate goals, but…well, I guess I just did.  Happy honeymooning!


Ana Lopez

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