Spring Break, oh glorious spring break. It’s time to take a beautiful break this Spring with your closest girlfriends. South Florida will soon be abuzz with college kids galore, flaunting their latest sexy bikini in the golden sand and sun. But, when you think Spring Break, do you really think bronze skin and happy-go-lucky students? Prob not. If you’re thinking of Daytona Beach , MTV, and beer guzzling undergrads, then that’s probably more like it.

But we want to reach out to those college kids who are waiting their break from books. Because as much as there are some awesome To Dos this Spring Break, there are also an equal amount of Don’ts. Let’s discuss.


Don’t Drink Too Much

It’s very common for many Spring breakers to abandon all rules and logic when they’re out on the beach. Shots are being passed around like high fives, and drinking from sun up to sun down is a regular occurrence. I’m sure we don’t need to be overly parental right now to tell you WHY drinking too much is a bad idea. Not only are you out of your element and in a new place, you’re also surrounded by new people. New people who may be drinking as much as you, and might not care if you’re the sloppy drunk girl who needs a ride home. Always drink in moderation. You can catch a nice buzz the same way you catch a nice wave, and ride it home. Getting sloppy and lost on the streets of your Spring Break destination is never a good idea.



Don’t Buy Cheap South Beach Swimsuits

If you’re vacationing in Miami this Spring Break, there will be plenty of imitation swimsuit stores all along South Beach. DO NOT BUY cheap bikinis. If you’re going to buy some South Beach swimsuits, why not Orchid Boutique? When you buy on the sidewalks of South Beach, not only is the material cheap and manufacturing sloppily, when those beads come off, or the strings pull after your first wear, the chances of you getting a refund are slim to none. Sexy bikinis are investments that travel over from year to year. Invest in yourself and in a new bikini rather than some knockoff you can buy for $20 on the sidewalks of South Beach.


Don’t Go Unprotected In the Sun

This is a no-brainer, guys. The sun is getting stronger and stronger as the years go on, and our skin is getting more and more damaged. Don’t sit out in the sunshine getting burnt to a crisp putting your skin and your health at risk. Skin Cancer is a huge issue that cannot go ignored. Lather up yourself with sunscreen, preferably an SPF 30 or SPF 40, and stay lathered! Keep the bottle next to you and stay on top of it. We all want beautiful bronzed skin, yet we must start thinking long term and about our health down the road. Still don’t trust us? Check out our blog post The Beginner’s Guide to Sunless Tanning: Sexy Swimwear Required.


Don’t Stray From Your Friends

Stay close to your friends. We cannot stress this enough. If you’re out and about in a big group — keep part of the flock! You’re in a new town with new surroundings and new people. Staying in your group is the best way to stay safe in a new city. Even if your friends are looking to get wild and you kinda just want a slice of pizza and to go home, always grab a buddy. Stay together and stay safe with the group, especially if alcohol is involved.

Don’t Neglect Water

Hydrate yo’self. You’ll be out in the sun, you’ll be doing some drinking, you’ll be neglecting water. It’s a given. So make it a priority. Carry a water bottle around and hydrate yourself often. It’ll keep you healthy and happy your entire spring break trip. Drinking water is so important to your overall health, but especially if you’re out in the sun and the heat is high and heavy. Keeping hydrated can improve your mental clarity and overall cognitive skills. Don’t believe us? Check out our blog on How Drinking Water Can Change Your Health.



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