Top 8 Trends at the Miami Swim Week 2017

Swimwear, resort wear and stunning accessories were all part of this year’s amazing fashion season in Miami.  Swim Week has come to an end but we are left with all the excitement from the new trends and amazing styles to come! We were definitely left with something to look forward to in the upcoming season.

Lets round up the main styles and trends from swimwear 2017 that you will most certainly want to add to your closet:

Off The Shoulder Romance

Who thought showing your shoulders could be sexy? Well it definitely is sexy and it is everywhere. Tops and cover ups are all flaunting this new trend and we have to admit we love it. It’s a new twist on the traditional cleavage or low backs, plus it helps to hide flabby arms if you know what I mean. On the other hand, these tops and dresses are convertible since you can wear them multiple ways, who does not love to have multiple styles with one piece?

New Neutrals

There is a love for fall in the air and the neutral tones and hues are here to prove it. The warm mustard color is my new obsession and we can see this being a hit for editorials. The olive green is also a great look for more tan complexions and pairs well with gold accessories. The fall looking colors are a great choice for women who don’t feel like they can pull the super bright colors anymore or if you just want a classier and timeless look.

Fringe is Back

Seriously, did fringe ever go away? It is her to stay and looking sexier than ever. You will find it in one pieces too, and unexpected places like the sides of bottoms and on the backs of tops. There’s just something about fringe that makes it very sexy and adds that amazing movement to you swimwear.

From Day to Night 

For today’s girl on the go, swimwear is becoming more of a wear all day look. The idea is for women to wear their swimwear not only to the beach but also to go out on the town or for a stroll as a tourist. One piece are now being converted into (bodies) that can be paired with shorts or skirts and are immediately turned into a complete look. The idea behind these is to make your life easier without losing your sense of style.

Crochet  All the Way

Crochet is always a good idea and now its stronger than ever in bikinis, one pieces, cover ups, shorts etc. Combining different colors and adding details like tassels and pompoms make this crochet look sexy and playful as can be.

Burnt Red is Heating Up 

This is the IT color of the season and we think it amazing. This color is great for many skin complexions and a great twist on the bright colors (which we still love).

Denim is Always A Good Idea

If you haven’t been part of the denim trend you’ve been living under a rock and it has now reached the swimwear world. Bikinis and one pieces are now sporting the denim or chambray fabric and we think it’s the perfect casual chic combo. Resort wear is also sporting the denim look in dresses and cover ups with lightweight fabrics to keep it cool.

Feeling the Tropical Vibe with Palms

Love the green vibe? Sporting a palm print might be your thing, it’s everywhere these days and we couldn’t be happier. It’s a fun print yet it’s not so young and girly, ideal for us gal’s who are passed our thirties and just don’t feel like wearing girly prints anymore.

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