Top Five Brazilian Bikinis to Rock this Summer

Our Customer Support team is asked the same question almost on a daily basis: “I’ve lost the weight I wanted to and now I’m ready to wear my Brazilian bikinis! But where do I even start?” First and foremost, congrats to all of our customers that dedicated their time and energy into getting fit this past year. It’s a very difficult thing to do, so we applaud you tremendously.

Moving on, Brazilian bottoms are a HUGE hit every year. Many women find the bottoms to be revealing enough to encompass chic style and sex appeal. Many men call in as well, asking for a Brazilian bikinis for an upcoming vacation. Sure these bottoms can reignite the spark into any marriage, or hey if you’re looking to rope him into a proposal, then by all means Brazilian bikini that swimsuit up.


MAYLANA Ulie Ocean's Stripes Bottom

But what makes a bikini bottom Brazilian, you ask? Brazilian cut bikinis and swimsuits are essentially suits that are narrower in the back than moderate or full coverage bottoms. The term “brazilian cut” came about since it was in Brazil that this cut originated, but is now widely popular in Latin America and in many parts of Europe. This swimsuit cut is also referred to as the “latin cut” or narrow cut. Brazilian cut bikinis are also commonly low rise in the front and a bit smaller than others.

So thank Brazil for their Brazilian bikinis AND for hosting the World Cup.

We’ve broken down our favorite Brazilian bikinis of the season for your viewing pleasure. Summer isn’t even half over yet, so you still have time to shop this swimsuit style and get in the loop. Show off your assets and take pride in your body.

VITAMIN A Mojito Rosie Bottom


So simple. So sexy. 

-High cut bikini bottom
-Bottom provides brazilian coverage at rear
-Low rise bottom features floral print


MAYLANA Rio Emerald Bottom



It’s a wrap for this seasonal favorite.

-Bottom stars a high cut style 
-Bottom provides a brazilian cut coverage at rear 
-High cut bottom features a solid electric print


VITAMIN A Amber BioRib Bonita Bottom


Ferociously stylish.


-Brazilian bottom features double string detail
-Strings are adjustable to wear as high leg or regular fit
-Bottom features solid print and textured fabric

VITAMIN A White Ginger Gidget Bottom

A brand new pick for high summer debut.


- Bottom stars a string style 
- Bikini bottom provides brazilian cut coverage at rear
Scrunch butt bottom 
- Bottom features a floral print 

VITAMIN A Black BioRib Rosie Bottomi


One of the summer’s hottest styles.

-Bottom features solid print
-Brazilian bottom features textured fabric
-High cut bottom

MALAI Blossom Lilas Seamless Bottom

A magical colorful wonder this summer season.

-Hipster bottom features floral print
-Seamless design for extra comfort
-Bikini bottom provides brazilian fit

These swimsuits are just a handful of Brazilian cut bottom styles that we have in our inventory. Shop the rest of our styles and pick up your new Brazilian Bikinis today!

Ana Lopez

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