Top Miami Beer Bars

My two best friends in life are my Maltese, Hercules, and a cold glass of beer. My favorite way to spend Saturday night in Miami is going to any bar that specializes in importing or brewing delicious beers. There’s something about the refreshing crispy taste that makes me know I’m celebrating the weekend. Back in the day, I was a “Miller Light girl” because it barely had a taste… or calories so I could keep my bikini body under control ;-). But as my drinking years have progressed (7 years illegally, 4 years according to the government), I really started to love the different taste of each brew. There is a particular selection of bars that I love to go to for my beer fix.

Titanic Restaurant and Brewery

Titanic is located right off of 58th Avenue and Ponce de Leon Blvd, which is not where most people hang out in this city. But forget where everyone else is going because this is by far my favorite brewpub in Miami. In addition to brewing beers in house, they also cook delicious food. Their brewery is on display for everyone to see which make your beer drinking there a total experience.  They always have six signature drafts on tap, my top choice being their award winning Triple Screw Light Ale. But they also mix it up every couple of months by adding new seasonal drafts to their menu. I like to pair my beer with their signature Dolphin sandwich… SOOO GOOOOD. Also, every Tuesday and Wednesday they have live music which makes this bar even more of a good time.

World of Beer

This bar is a great place to go after dinner. World of Beer, also known as “WOB” carries over 600 different beers to try from all over the world. They don’t serve food, but you can order delivery from the surrounding restaurants if you’re starving. What I love about this place is that you can sample any draft beer for free. So if you want to try 5 samples, go for it. It’s free, baby. They always feature a beer of the month for a bargain price of $4, and their specials don’t end there. Monday thru Friday they have different daily deals, including ladies night, military night, and yappy hour for pet lovers (how cute). Hercules and I can attend and receive $1 off any dog-related pints. He can only have water, of course.

DRB – The Democratic Republic of Beer

I’ll tell you right now, they do serve food at the DRB but I stick to their beer. The menu is definitely typical beer food. The bar, on the other hand, has a wide variety of delicious options. The menu is long and somewhat overwhelming since it holds the information to all of the 400 beers they serve. But from my experience, the beers from Belgium and Sri Lanka are the best. I personally like beers that are light in body, but full in taste, and those places really know the way to my beer heart. The Orchid Boutique girls often walk to the DRB after work for some beer world traveling.

We celebrate beer Friday with a cold one at the office. Do you love our mustaches? Grew mine myself.


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