While you may not have the star power to fetch millions with your horizontal mambo video, you can at least learn a thing or two about making it steamy from these starlets. Sexy designer swimwear in the bottom of your suitcase or some skimpy pieces from a Halloween costume can transform evening channel flipping into a serious steam session. Take some tips from these pros.

“Kim Kardashian Superstar Featuring Ray J”

Kim Kardashian

A glamorously groomed Kim Kardashian and her then-boyfriend Ray J (R&B singer/brother of Brandy) created a seemingly contrived video that blasted Kim Kardashian into mega stardom.

Kim Kardashian and Ray J sex tape

The Stars: Kim Kardashian (socialite/television personality/famous for being famous) and Ray J (brother of recording artist Brandy)

Critical acclaim: “This tape was NOT leaked. It’s pretty obvious that both of them knew they were going to release the video.” –www.llistentoleon.net

Duds for Getting Down: Anticipating some boot knockin’? Make sure you prepare with something subtle that packs major sex appeal. It’ll look like you’re a vixen without even trying. Take lessons from Kim Kardashian and seek flattering lingerie or a two-piece swimsuit that accentuates your most compelling assets.  Kim’s nude colored ensemble is exceptionally enticing because every lacy inch screams, “I’M NAKED UNDER THIS!” Keep your skin tone in mind when choose your under-the-sheets set—warmer skin tones look better in earth tones and cooler skin tones can really pull off blues and darker, duller hues. Overwhelmed by all the swimsuit choices? Go for purple, it goes with any skin tone.

“1 Night in Paris” with Paris Hilton & Richard Salomon

Paris Hilton in sex tape

Shannon Doherty’s ex-husband and the celebrity heiress captured their one-time tryst in this amateur-looking video that features night vision and meaningless chit-chat— who is really watching for the dialogue?

Paris Hilton poses in bikiniRick Saloman in sex tape with Paris Hilton

The Stars: Paris Hilton (billionaire heiress) & Rick Salomon (former husband of Shannen Doherty and Pamela Anderson)

Critical acclaim: “Like a pair of raccoons frolicking in some trash cans in the middle of the night.” —www.dailynuggest.com

Duds for Getting Down: Improvising when the moment strikes can be pretty sexy, especially if you have sexy swimwear handy. Paris and Rick took advantage of a plush hotel robe, basic bra, boy-short combo, and a handheld camera. If you’re slender like Paris, keep those boy shorts and sporty separates on booty call—they look killer on your curves.

“Wedding Night” with Tonya Harding & Jeff Gillooly

Tonya Harding in sex tapeTonya Harding sex tape cover

Tonya Harding puts aside her ice skates and boxing gloves to briefly become a porn star with her husband in this 30-minute remake of their wedding night actually filmed after their return home from a Halloween party.

The Stars: Tonya Harding (figure skater/criminal) & Jeff Gillooly (former husband)
Critical acclaim: “Olympic-sized curiosity keeps this one going.” —www.rottentomatoes.com

Duds for Getting Down: Have a closet full of Halloween costumes that never really lived their trick-or-treating destiny? Dust ‘em off and reminisce like Tonya Harding and her former husband Jeff Gillooly. They reenacted their wedding night after a Halloween party and captured it forever on film.

“Screeched” with Dustin Diamond and Members of a Bachelorette Party

Dustin Diamond sex tape cover

Dustin Diamond, (known by Saved by the Bell lovers as Screech) finds himself at a two person bachelorette party in a hotel room filled with bubbles and bad decisions.

Screech from Saved by the BellScreech from Saved by the Bell

The Stars: Dustin Diamond (Screech on Saved by the Bell) & random bride-to-be and bridesmaid

Critical acclaim: “That hyped Dirty Sanchez comes as something of an anticlimax.” —www.evilbeetgossip.com

Duds for Getting Down: These ladies didn’t know their evening would involve Screech in a bathtub—at least the bride didn’t—but their out-on-the-town attire sufficiently enticed the curly-headed child star. And hey, sometimes the best duds are a tub full of bubbles.


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