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By now, we all know that the newest craze in fashion jewelry are Flash Tattoos.  We’ve seen them popping up everywhere within the past few months, from runway shows to festivals, to every day run-of-the-mill trips to the beach. It’s fashion’s hottest accessory right now, and we’re here to introduce a new temporary tattoo brand to the game.


What is LULU DK?

LULU DK is a lifestyle shop derived from the original artwork of artist and designer Lulu de Kwiatkowski. From this great shop, come LULU DK tattoos, which are the hottest up-and-coming accessories of the season. These affordable jewelry-inspired temporary tattoos shine and shimmer under the summer sun giving your skin a unique glimmering design. What makes this metallic temporary tattoo art so trendy are the chic designs and wild shine. Nevermore do you need to risk losing your beach jewelry. Instead, make these flash temporary tattoos and jewelry tattoos your hottest accessory – from the beach to the streets!

Jazz up your music festival ensemble with these jewelry inspired tattoos or transform your entire summer look in a flash with unique temporary metallic tattoos. These jewelry tattoo options come in a variety of designs and are featured in gold or silver hues- perfect for mixing and matching with any outfit or accessory! Keep the designs shining for up to 4-6 days. All you need to apply these flash temporary tattoos is water and voila! Simple and contemporary for the fashionista in us all. LULU DK flash tattoos are non-toxic and safe for anyone to wear. All LULU DK tattoos pass safety standards for the cosmetic and toy product industries and meet all U.S. and international regulatory requirements. This flash tattoo jewelry has summer glow written all over it. Bump up your jewelry game with these brand new flash tattoos from LULU DK. You can add them to your necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and rings to kick up any beach accouterment. Get these flash tattoos in jewelry-inspired metallic gold and silver. Beach bling and temporary tattoo jewelry brings the term fancy to a whole new level. Pair your Mara Hoffman dresses with these fun finds and take style up a notch. Fashion trendsetters unite with new and exciting LULU DK jewelry inspired temporary tattoos!

Designer Info: Lulu de Kwiatkowski

Lulu de Kwiatkowski was born and raised in New York City, spending her childhood between the electric streets of Manhattan and the colorful and sun-drenched beaches of the Hamptons and Bahamas. Studying abroad during her high school years, she returned to New York, graduating from Parsons School of Design with a Fine Arts and Interior Design degree. LULU DK believes in giving back. As with all things LULU DK, it is important for them to do so in a way that is woven into the fabric and essence of who we are as a company. So, if you are feeling like your life needs a little soul, spunk, and originality, you will find it with LULU DK.

With the LULU DK lifestyle shop, Lulu and her business partner Laurie, strive to continue to grow and share their inspiration with you. “Being the youngest of six meant that from a young age, I had to find what was unique about me,” recalls Lulu. “Hence, I have always searched and shopped for things that make a statement – a statement that is a little earthy, a little colorful, a little personal, and most importantly, a statement that elicits happiness and memories.”

So, if you are feeling like your life needs a little soul, spunk, and originality, we are sure you will find it with LULU DK tattoos. Check out their entire collection of flash tattoos today.

Ana Lopez

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