Summer is the glorious season where you can pull out your bright dresses and put away your sad winter boots. Some of my favorite summer trends this year have to be colored denim, lace shorts, color-blocked wedges and mesh tops. But more important than the stylish items you’re wearing are the colors you are pairing them with on your eyes, lips and nails.

Eyes can sometimes seem intimidating to those of you who aren’t big on makeup, but don’t let them be! Makeup is supposed to be fun, not scary. I find the light blue eyeliner on the waterline to be a fun and easy way to make your eyes stand out in the summer sun. If you’re a more bold makeup user, take some metallic green eye shadow and cover your eyelid with it. Then, put a small amount of yellow shadow on the inner creases of your eye. Finish the look with two coats of brown mascara and brown eyeliner on your water line.

Lips should never be plain unless you just woke up ALONE and you haven’t left the house yet. Otherwise, you need some color on those lips, girl. Solid, coral lips are a favorite of mine this season. I must say, though, that if you can pull off hot pink lipstick, go for it! This shade is very in right now and very hard (for me) to pull off. Do it for us girls everywhere who can’t – we are counting on you.

Nails can be one of the most fun accessories because they are free game. Any color goes. If you want to wear two colors – even better! My favorite nail polish colors for the season are orange, powder pink and teal. If you’re looking to give your summer nails an extra POP, add a layer of glitter polish to a one or two nails. Fun!


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