Triangle Bikini Tops: A Sure Bet For Your Next Vacation

The weather is getting colder and for all the oceanholics it's time to find a tropical escapade and, most importantly, get a fabulous bikini! But let’s be honest, buying a new bathing suit is a serious investment and, as empowering as it feels to wear it, sometimes it’s a bit confusing to choose the right one. If you’re looking for affordable swimwear that doesn’t go out of fashion, we suggest an alternative that will never let you down: triangle bikini tops! We’ll explore the attributes of these bikini tops, their benefits, and then introduce you to some bathing suits you’ll certainly like.

Triangle tops are one of the most recognized styles of women’s swimsuits. Just like the brazilian bikini bottoms, they originally appeared in Rio de Janeiro, and then became popular in the rest of the world (Muito obrigado Brazil!). The structure of these swim tops is made of two pieces of fabric with a triangle shape, those pieces are joined together with adjustable strands that are usually tied at the neck and back for a better fit.

There are basically two types of triangle bikini tops: Sliding Tops and Fixed Tops. In the sliding tops, the triangles move along the underbust band; this smart feature allows adjusting the coverage at your preference. The silhouette bellow by Malai Swimwear is a perfect illustration of what we’re talking about:


On the other hand, the triangles in the fixed tops can’t slide, providing more support for beach sports and activities. Playing volleyball, surfing or scuba diving won’t be a problem with a fixed swim top! For extra comfort, this style of bikini tops sometimes includes hook closure like this design by Aquamanile Swimwear:

One of the greatest benefits of triangle bikini tops is that they provide a flattering look for almost every body shape and can be paired with every possible swim bottom. For straight-shaped bodies, a high waisted bottom will create a curvier appearance; a hipster-boyshorts style will favor pear-shaped silhouettes and a skirted bottom will highlight the tiny waist of hourglass-shaped women. Versatile and awesome, just what you’ve been looking for!

Another solid reason to believe there’s a triangle top for everyone is that they are available in a wide range of sizes, from A to DD. In case you wear bigger cups, it’s better to choose bikini tops with additional padding and wider underbust bands. These features provide better support and a delicate rounding effect.

A triangle bikini top is an all-timer trend, and designer swimwear boutiques around the world know it. That’s why triangle bikini tops are available for all budgets in a wide variety of prints and styles. Here some of our favorite picks:


Gwen by Maylana Swimwear displays a vintage print with floral details. This cute bikini top provides additional pads and it’s reversible to solid red! Just flip it and you’ll get two pieces for the price of one. How cool is that?


Agua Bendita’s Rosie Top has a sliding structure. It includes ruffle details and a racerback design that provides better support. This swim top is also reversible, so it can be worn in two stylish floral prints.

Last but not least, a classic black bikini. This top provides pads and ties in delicate straps that won’t leave those awful tan lines. The sporty swim top by Touché Swimwear is part of the curated selection of solid prints available in our online boutique. Take a look here.

It’s time to fly away to warmer lands and now you know that triangle bikini tops are definitely a sure bet. They are flattering, comfortable and their evergreen style it’s the perfect addition to your next vacation, and many more to come!

Ethel Gomez

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