Eva Mendes and Jenny McCarthy

It seems Jenny McCarthy and Eva Mendes are both into the Flinstone-inspired style with this Stella McCartney dress. Even though Jenny cinched the sleeve at the shoulder and did her hair to fit the part, while Eva wore did the lose boho thing, the two sizzling starlets found appeal in the “animal navy blue” trend that’s delighting industry insiders as of lately.

If you’re looking for a cute swimsuit to embody this trend in, try the one-shouldered ensemble our editors picked as a fresh new arrival.

The Wild Blue Monokini by Sabz Luxury Swimwear highlights three of the featured trends in Jenny and Eva’s dress. Even though there was a tactful attempt to slightly alter the design, the main appeal of the piece is present and relevant to the featured item:

a) One-shouldered look: Check.

b) Navy blue animal print tones: Check

c) Silver accents/embellishments: Check!

Wild Blue Monokini

Great minds think alike! Whether at the MTV movie awards earlier this year (like Eva,) at the AMAs this month (like Jenny), or at the pool, looking good in the season’s prints is never out of our minds.

Get the Wild Blue Monokini here, or browse more monokini swimsuits.

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