Bendita Fantasia by Agua Bendita Swimwear

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Weren’t we just wishing our closest friends a Happy New Year like 5 minutes ago? Time certainly flies. Now we’re approaching the most romantic time of the year!

Valentine’s Day may sometimes be known as the lingerie holiday, but a lot of swimwear paraphernalia is also essential to those jetting off to a romantic getaway, or who live beachside and want to show off their hot bod in something other than underwear. Our top picks for the best Valentine’s Day bikinis this year, we’ve decided, will not just be the usual pantone color that would typically cross your mind when you think of Valentine’s, which let’s face it, is mainly solid red. We think 2010 is a different type of year for swimwear, a new era where women show their unique side, where sequins, ruffles, and nautical themes shine.

Layer Cake Tankini by Betsey Johnson

So here are our favorite must-haves for Valentine’s Day Bikinis:

1. Bendita Fantasia by Agua Bendita: This gorgeous bikini is worth a gawk or two. Rows of sequins and embroidery adorn the top’s front, and the ruffled skirty bottom is full of them as well. A sash-like ruffle comes down the bust line in kind of a romantic way. Perfect for the occasion. A fantasy suit for sure.

2. Layer Cake Tankini by Betsey Johnson: As tasty as a cake is this delicious tankini (which can be camouflaged as a sexy top with some leggings by the way). Rows of ruffles and yummy fuchsia envelope this sexy number. Top it off with removable padding and a shelf bra for your girls, and you got one sexy swimsuit. Not a bad one for the occasion.

Sea Shore Pinup by Lady Lux

3. Seashore Pinup by Lady Lux: A hint of red for those in the spirit of Valentine’s, but not your typical bikini. A little bit pinup swimwear, a little bit nautical, and a lot of sexy. This style features a brazilian cut bottom (meaning narrow and sexy) in the rear and comes with gold button details. Another must-have for lovers day.

There you have it. We cherry-pick the hottest designer swimwear and hand it off in a golden plate, so you can celebrate with your girlfriend, or wife (hint hint!), and have a whole lot of fun on Valentine’s Day.


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