The hair downstairs can be a touchy topic. There are the loud-spoken extremes, of course: ladies who fly their Bare Naked & Proud flag versus those chanting “Love me, love all of me.” Whether you’re about to rock a Brazilian cut bikini or a pair of Maaji swimwear boyshorts, waxing is a pretty important decision. Most ladies in between extremes keep the styling of their secret gardens pretty secret – as in just between you and me, pal.

Summer is upon us and we are officially knee-deep in swimsuit season. Beach babes are in preparation for this year’s designer swimwear. And maybe your ex is throwing a pool party and you need to look your best.

Whatever the reason, it’s time to schedule a wax. Our question: is clear-cut the only option, or can we leave a little springtime foliage to celebrate the season?

The answer: it all depends on what you’ll be wearing.

How Much Hair Needs to Go?

Brazilian Cut Bikini


The wax: Brazilian

Description: Removes all the hair from your booty, cleans up the bikini line, and leaves as much as desired up front. It’s a reverse-mullet, waxing style.

Why: Brazilian cut bikinis are narrower in the behind and show a lot more skin than their more conservative-covering counterparts. Brazilian waxes, likewise, make sure everything exposed is as smooth and hairless as the bottoms of your feet.

Hipster Bottoms & Boyshorts

Maaji 1

The wax: French

Description: A hair-free bikini line and as much off the top as you’re willing to go.

Why: Hipster bottoms have sexy, low fronts and leave a little bit to the imagination in back. Since more of the tush is covered, keep the waxing focused on the curlies in the foreground – especially if you’re riding the waves in a super-low rise.

High Waisted Bikini


The wax: Bikini

Description: Upper inner-thighs only.

Why: The picture of pin-up sex appeal, a high-waisted bikini keeps all the flora and fauna covered.

Low Rise Bottoms

Slate Crochet Peach large

The wax: Playboy or Hollywood

Description: I’m not going to beat around the bush. It’s everything from everywhere.

Why: Low-rise bikini bottoms dip down – way down – and that means smooth skin is essential. Back-end coverage varies from bikini to bikini, but it’s safe to say that it’s going to be skimpy. Wax accordingly.

String Bottoms


The wax: Bikini, French, or Brazilian

Description: Depending on how “string” your string bikini is, you’ll be making appointments for everything from a trimming the hedge to excavating the garden.

Why: String bottoms encompass everything from thin strings to tie sides, thongs to hipster boy shorts. The amount of skin showing will vary depending on the different cuts, so any bushwhacking you do will be at your own discretion.


VitaminA Image Book-with comments (1)-18

The wax: Tiffany Box (and other sassy patterns)

Description: Feeling creative? Dyes, jewels, and interesting templates spice up any remaining down-there hair. The Tiffany Box is a small square of hair that is then died the iconic robin-egg blue. What shape do you prefer?

Why: Monokinis specialize in plunging necklines and intricate cut outs – and not necessarily barely-there bottoms. Our advice: take advantage of the extra coverage.

Full Coverage Bottoms



The wax: French

Description: Follicle-free on the bikini line, and some extra shaping on top in the event of low-rise bottoms.

Why: This is not your grandma’s full coverage bottoms. They are fun, flirty, and feminine, while offering ample coverage for your business. Keep the waxing in the front and you’ll be just fine.

Added tip: Make sure you do not try to wax for the first time immediately before a vacation. Allow some time to try it out and see if it’s for you!


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