Everybody take a minute and rejoice, it’s officially Friday. So whether you’re caught in an avalanche of below freezing temperatures, or you’re headed for a mini vacation full of sun, fun, and Brazilian bikinis, we’re here to drop you some headline knowledge. So, check out this weekly roundup of some of the hottest stories we’ve read and heard, all about this week.

Let’s do some pop culture reflection, shall we?


Beyonce & Jay-Z Kill it At The Grammy’s

Beyonce and Jay-Z kicked off the 56th annual Grammy awards Sunday night, and boy did they start it right. The married duo performed “Drunk in Love” off of Beyonce’s surprise album released in 2013. Now, as most human beings, I love Beyonce. I think she is a phenomenal performer and a superstar advocate for women and the youth of America. Yes, the performance was a bit racy, and I can understand why parents have openly criticized the steamy nature of it (steamy, not in reference to the steam rising around Beyonce while she sang in the chair – swoon). However, there are a few things that people may be overlooking. 1) The producers of the Grammy’s, I’m sure, are aware of the lyrics of the song and the explicit nature, so to choose that song to open up your show at 8pm should probably be put on CBS rather than Beyonce and Jay-Z. With that said, I also think it’s important to showcase these two celebrities, who have been together for over 10 years, still loving each other and enjoying each other’s company! I think that showcase of love is so important today, since we are only writing about who gets divorced and who cheats on who. Kudos to Beyonce and Jay-Z for being in love and showing the world it’s possible in show business.

Oh and by the way, since starting her publicized vegan diet, homegirl’s body is OFF THE CHAIN. Talk about bikini body ready.


Bieber Released from Jail & Releases a Music Video

The arrest heard round the world. Justin Bieber was recently hauled into jail in Miami for a suspected DUI as well as resisting arrest (non-violent). The mugshot, with a smiling Biebs, was showcased on every media outlet around the world in a matter of minutes. You couldn’t scroll through any social media site without running into his seemingly Proactiv free face. Yet after all was bailed out and done, Biebs pulled a surprise move and released a brand new single for his song “Confident”. The video, might we add, isn’t terrible at all. Check it out and share your thoughts:



Christie Brinkley is 60 and Bikini Clad

We love us some celebrities in swimwear and this week Christie Brinkley showed us what it is like to be sixty-years-old and fabulous. Releasing the cover of People magazine, Brinkley poses in a blue one piece looking fantastic as ever. We can only hope to have her curves when we turn 60.

Joe Biden State of the Union Spectacular

If you didn’t watch the State of the Union address this past week, then you definitely did not see the many wonderful faces of Joe Biden. It was hard to even focus on what Obama was saying with Biden being such a spectacular distraction. When he grabbed Boehner’s arm and we all thought Boehner was going to deck him.


Or the time it looked like he just placed an order for Chinese food and pocketed the menu.



We love you, Joe.


Amanda Knox Found Guilty…Again…

Amanda Knox was once again convicted by he Italian court of murdering her British roommate when they were living abroad many years ago. Knox was originally convicted and kept in jail for four years before an appeal was made and Knox was released. But now, the appeal was overturned and Knox has been convicted yet again. The issue being raised now, since Knox is living on American grounds, is should Knox be extradited after a guilty verdict?



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