Happy Friday, everyone! We just wanted to share with you a recap of this past week in case you missed it. If you were bunkered in a studio all week, as we were, and barely saw the light of day (slight exaggeration) then you have no idea what happened this week!

Have no fear, Orchid Boutique is here, and we’re going to gather up the top stories of this past week and recap it for your perusing pleasure. That way when you’re sipping on a cocktail this evening amongst friends, you can wow them with your knowledge.

Ch-ch-check it out.

Ditch the Donut

The FDA took on trans fat! Artificial trans fat in foods may eventually become a thing of the past, as the Food and Drug Administration on Thursday took a first step toward potentially eliminating most trans fat from the food supply. Trans fat normally are found in processed foods including desserts, microwave products, frozen pizza, margarine and coffee creamer, and has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease. This is groundbreaking public health policy people!

Plus Size? Are you Serious?

Model Robyn Lawley has recently been criticized in the media and dubbed a plus size model. We’re wondering according to whose standards because Ms. Lawley looks AMAZING in her most recent Australian Cosmo photo shoot, with a body most women strive to obtain. Lawley has been trying to change the modeling industry one step at a time with their skewed views on weight and this past week she has sky-rocketed into stardom. What do you think of Robyn Lawley and her bodacious bod?


Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Some of the biggest celebrities around have recently been chopping off their gorgeous locks for a sleeker, easy-to-maintain look. Most notably, Jennifer Aniston donned a new ‘do and everyone went crazy. Aniston has been picked on by the media, simply because everyone would have killed for her hairstyle while she was on Friends, but Aniston says “I did it! I feel great. I feel lighter.”

Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence also chopped off her gorgeous locks into a sleek new style. We don’t hate it, and she certainly seemed to have transformed into a woman overnight.

Also, Jennifer Hudson cut her hair down to a bob and received rave reviews.

Kendall Jenner Turns 18!

As the second youngest of the Jenner clan, Kendall Jenner has finally reached adulthood. Despite the week beginning with some slightly disturbing offers from adult entertainment companies, Ms. Jenner took everything in stride and embraced her special day. Turning 18 is a huge milestone and as the face of Agua Bendita, we are thrilled to wish Ms. Jenner a  very HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Altruism is Not Dead

This photo has gone viral, and for good reason. When Isaac Theil let a sleepy stranger take a little catnap on his shoulder, it was because “I simply remembered the times my own head would bop on someone’s shoulder because I was so tired after a long day,” he recounted. The kid who took this photo, asked Theil if he wanted him to wake the sleeping stranger up, but Theil shook his head and responded, “he must have had a long day, let him sleep. We’ve all been there, right?”

Just a friendly reminder to be kind to one another.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! Any top stories you want to discuss? Leave them in the comments below


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