What is a Couture Swimsuit?

Originally derived from a French word, the technical definition for couture is “high sewing” or “high dressmaking”. Nowadays, the word couture is most commonly used worldwide to refer to high fashion apparel or jewelry, and this has included swimwear styles over the past years.

Couture garments are designed to look absolutely stunning on clients, with fits customized to the client’s body, way of movement, and personal style. The detailing on couture garments such as beading and embroidery is always done by hand, representing hours and sometimes months of labor.

Swimwear brands have also recently began to incorporate couture styles into their designer trends, as is most commonly seen with the brand Agua Bendita. Couture swimsuits, in turn, represent styles that involve very detailed embellishments such as beading or crochet. They generally require special attention and are fully or partially hand-crafted. Couture swimsuits have the challenge unlike other couture garments because the designers need to create pieces that are swim-ready, waterproof, and more flexible than say, a red carpet dresses. The balance between ready-to-wear and handmade styles is a tough one to handle when it comes to swimwear. It is only fully seen in truly couture designs, which are often superior in their style and fit than other less embellished bathing suits.

Here is a perfect example of a couture style with heavy beading taking place in this Lolita Koharu  designer suit:

In this Agua Bendita couture swimsuit, the triangle top is embroidered with sequined beads in pastel colors, tracing over the colors of the original print. The same pattern of beading is followed below in the front part of the bottom.

Now, as you may imagine, the price tag of the laborious work entailed to create this stunning suit is not light, but at $130 the top, the value of having a priceless couture swimsuit that is swim-ready, meticulously beaded, and gorgeous, might very well be worth it. This bikini is very flattering and ties at the neck and back. If you are ready to stand out amongst the sexy crowd, have random strangers gawk as you walk by, or get your ex’s new girlfriend green with envy, a couture swimsuit just might be what the doctor ordered.

Ana Lopez

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