What is the Difference between Brazilian Cut and Cheeky Swimsuits?

The difference between cheeky and Brazilian is one of the most confusing aspects of the swimwear world. These popular bikini trends are similar in many aspects; both display a sexy vibe and are ideal for tanning. However, a cheeky bottom provides more coverage than a Brazilian thong, it also has a particular triangle shape at the rear that it’s key to tell them apart.

Brazilian Bikini Bottoms and Cheeky bottoms are the go-to choices for those who want to show a bit more skin than regular. These swimsuit styles have earned a place in the list of the best swimwear trends. Of course, renowned swimsuit designers prefer these styles above the others for their provocative shape and the flattering effect they provide. As the coverage is minimal, these sexy swimsuits are ideal to avoid annoying tan lines and why not, to get all the looks!

But now, how’s that they’re different? And how could you easily identify them? Worry no more; we have all the answers you need. Here’s a list of the 3 main differences between Brazilian cut and cheeky bikini bottoms:

1. Cheeky bikini bottoms provide a bit more coverage

There’s nothing conservative about cheeky bikini bottoms, but let’s say that if you compare the amount of fabric used to make them, the Brazilian thongs are way skimpier. Cheeky cut swimwear is commonly referred to as a sweet spot between a thong and a moderate coverage bottom. The cheeky bikini bottoms tend to be narrower at the part closest to the crotch and have a thick band covering the upper part of the rear. Of course, the width of the band will vary depending on the bottom style. High waist bottoms will certainly have a wider band than Hipster bottoms. Take a look at this Floral Bottom by Touché swimwear! Besides the cheeky coverage, it also displays a vintage style with caged details at the sides.



2. Brazilian bikini bottoms are better for tanning

Both cheeky and Brazilian bottoms can be used for tanning. However, the Brazilian bikinis provide less coverage, so they are the best choice to relax under the sun and get that golden tone you’re looking for. On the other hand, the extra coverage of cheeky bikini bottoms makes them more suitable for beach sports and activities. But hey sporty chica! Don’t give up on Brazilian thongs! You can wear them under a nice cover-up piece, like a pair of shorts or a comfortable skirt. The Brazilian bottom showed below illustrates what we’re talking about; this tropical bottom by Maylana Swimwear also features high cut and seamless design.


3. Cheeky bikini bottoms have a distinctive triangle shape

Once you know this there’s no way back, you’re now an expert in sexy designer bikinis! Cheeky bikini bottoms feature additional triangle-shaped pieces of fabric at the rear. This feature creates the effect of a rounded bottom and also flatters your silhouette. Brazilian bottoms don’t display this detail because they are meant to show as much skin as possible. In the picture below, the triangle shape is marked with a yellow line. Just like this one, the new collection by Malai Swimwear includes cute sporty bottoms, and most of them are reversible to solid prints.

Cheeky bikini bottoms and Brazilian cut bottoms are very similar in design. For the inexperienced eye, they could be the same thing. But not for you, you already know how to tell them apart! And it’s a piece of cake! Next time you can’t decide between these two, just think about the activities you’re planning to do, and how much skin you would like to show. I’m sure you’ll rock any of them!

Ethel Gomez

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