Spring Break has officially kicked off in South Florida, and we’re gearing up for a wave of college kids to invade our streets and enjoy the heat. Sometimes it’s hard for us to imagine that many other states are knee-deep in snow and sleet, but here in Miami we’re on the beach already getting that bronze glow.

So if you’re gearing up to head south for your break, we need to go over the basic Spring Break essentials that should be in your beach bag. Let’s discuss.


1) Espadrilles


By now, you’ve heard us discuss how cool our selection of espadrilles is. We have so many brands this season and they’ve been a nonstop hit. Espadrilles are essentially the perfect beach accessory. You slip them on, you slip them off — it’s easy. No lace-up-garbage to deal with when the water is calling your name. We’ve recently introduced a new brand of espadrilles called Soludos that we think will be the perfect pair of shoes for your Spring Break bag.


Soludos Wink White Espadrilles

Soludos espadrilles


Soludos Tan Leopard Espadrilles

Soludos Espadrilles

Soludos Coral Pineapple Espadrilles

soludos espadrilles


2) Sunscreen

We said it before, we’ll say it again — sunscreen is crucial! You need to keep protected on your Spring Break, especially if you’re down in South Florida. The sun can be absolutely brutal, and do some serious damage to your skin. So instead of risking your health and overall well-being, just lather on every few hours and keep protected. Besides, nobody wants to be extra crispy on their first day, ultimately ruining the rest of your break and any chance you have to meet that cute boy from Duke.


3) Agua Bendita Bikinis

Yes, that’s right — Agua Bendita Swimwear is the perfect Spring Break bikini. Fun colors, sexy cuts, and Brazilian bottoms everywhere. These handcrafted bikinis are selling like hotcakes this season, and it’s easy to see why. The festive prints, unique designs, and handmade embroidery make these swimsuits a one-of-a-kind gem. Take a look at some of the best sellers for the 2015 season.

Bendito Alce Bikini

Agua bendita swimwear


Bendito Tucan Bikini

agua bendita swimwear


Bendito Sahara Bikini

agua bendita swimwear

4) Water Bottle

Hydration is super important! I know we may sound like a broken record, but with good reason. Staying hydrated while out in the heat is the safest way to keep your body cool. The sun takes a lot out of us, sometimes more than we even realize. So keeping a water bottle in your beach bag is a quick way to make sure you are always hydrating. Besides, we all know that Spring Break signifies extra alcohol consumption for most, so water is the best way to avoid a super drunky time.


5) Flash Tattoos

We all love a good temporary tattoo, so why not deck our your body this Spring Break with some body art? Instead of surprising your parents with a real tattoo you got buy a guy named Buck on Lincoln Road, shop our Flash Tattoos for a temporary piece of art for your body. Normally these tattoos last 5-7 days, which is perfect for your Spring Break trip. Some of our favorite flash tattoos are from designer LuluDK, as they incorporate color and fun, festive designs.


LuluDK Indigo

flash tattoos

7) L*Space Resortwear

And finally, the perfect addition to your Spring Break beach bag comes in the form of resortwear, because we all know how easily plans change and you can go from the beach to the streets in a matter of minutes. LSpace Swimwear has some of the best resortwear around. Chic tunics and rompers fall to mid-thigh, keeping you covered but leaving just enough to still feel sexy and free. Release your boho goddess and let Spring Break be the perfect opportunity to show off your fun fashion sense.

Flynn Coverup

lspace swimwear


Bloomfield Tunic

lspace swimwear

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