Here’s to hoping you have a breezy New Years. What’s your resolution for 2012? At the top of our lists this year we have… traveling more. We’d love to travel to some places we haven’t been and to some places we’ve fallen in love with. We’ve already been dreaming of our preferred destinations for 2012 and now we’re beginning our getaway wardrobes. Take a look at some styles specific for these luxury destinations we’re dreaming of.

Brazil: Captivating

Bendito Pearl City | Seafarer Satchel | L.A. Tunic

Bermuda: Classic

Farella Teal Monokini | Clara Beach Bag | White Crochet Dress

Morocco: Chic

Kaleidoscopic Ibiza | Floral Crochet Bag | Flamenco Shells

Be sure to be prepared for any trip abroad.  Browse our blog for some inspiration and shop our selection of luxury designers.


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