What to Wear in the Heat

I know – it seems obvious. But recently I went to Gay Pride weekend on Miami Beach and I was so grateful of my outfit choice. First of all, if it’s daylight and taking place on South Beach, I will be wearing a bikini as my undergarments without a doubt. It’s just a must to always to have the option of a quick dip in the ocean with our level of heat and humidity. But I’ll also be wearing a crochet cover up and sandals so my body can breathe. The ladies I was with did not plan as well as I did. They wore combat boots – do not ask me why. In Miami, once February is over you really can’t rock boots anymore. It’s just way too hot. They were also wearing thick cotton t-shirts that made them sweat profusely.

In order to avoid a sweat fest, choosing something airy is your best bet. I think a crochet romper is perfect because it’s really only the illusion of an outfit. You will look totally chic, and you’re also not dying of heat. It’s also ideal to wear one with a loose fit so the crochet fabric doesn’t work off of the heat from your body.

It would also be cute to go with a crochet cover up. The great thing about a hot place like SOBE is as long as you look appropriate, pants are not required.  If I wasn’t already wearing shorts at the event, I would have been just as comfortable in the Kailua Cover Up. It has the loose fit as I mentioned earlier, and trendy fringe tassels on the edges. The friendly crochet fabric will let you enjoy the breeze that comes once in a blue moon in Miami. Seriously, when you feel it, savor it.


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