As a business owner and new mom of twins, life can get pretty hectic.

Cliché as it sounds, I often see my life and the tasks around it as a series of juggling balls. I, the juggler, struggling to keep momentum as more and more balls add to my circus act, and the balls, devilishly spinning and twisting in the air, challenging my ability as the juggler.



If a ball falls, it means I may not be as good a juggler as I thought, and I rarely stop to think that the frequency of the juggle and the quantity of the balls are disproportionate to my quickness.



There are times when it’s a significantly busier day at the office or one of the twins is having a bad day, and that means a ball will drop at some point. When my ability as the juggler gets hindered by a setback, what I like to do to keep myself sane is actually turn things upside down. Perspective wise, that is.

Yoga has been a part of my life for a couple years now, when an overworked and exhausted me decided it was time to make a change. Headstand, often called the “king of all poses”, was introduced to me then. As a phobic adversary of chaos, the thought of consciously standing on my head was almost nonsensical. What if I fall to the side and bump into the person next to me, creating a domino effect with the other classmates? What if I lose balance and twist my neck and fall, and am never able to walk again? The tales were morbid. The thought, TERRIFYING.

Then I got pregnant with twins, and my ability to twist, turn, and exercise became obstructed by a humongous belly the size of Mt Rushmore. The last months of my pregnancy were pretty immobile, and I found I craved to be my old, flexible self more than ever. This was me pregnant:




Once I delivered – and recovered from a very painful c-section – I started to feel surprisingly lightweight. The scale showed nothing more than my normal weight pre-baby, but in my mind, I felt buoyant.

It was time to try it. I was going to stand on my head.

The first time I did it, I was terrified. It is pretty difficult to admit, for someone that prides herself on jumping into any challenge given. I did not know if I should open my eyes, but I did. And when I did, my world perspective shifted.

We spend our life standing on our feet, sitting upright, and at best, lying down (a lot of us for not very long). A headstand, a mindful, conscious headstand, allows you to look at the world from a different perspective. All sorts of calming thoughts flood your mind, as you balance your body, the faithful ally of your mind, into a new way of seeing things.


adjusted headstand

I don’t complain. There’s a lot of other dexterous ball jugglers around me with a far better juggling ability. I do however find that carving out time to stand on your head for a while makes the juggling act less tiring.

So go ahead. Try it.

And if you need some activewear to practice headstands, you know where to find it.

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