Where’s Audrina??

Seems like Audrina Patridge was again left out as Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth from The Hills did a photo spread for In Touch Weekly showing their elegantly furnished digs. Lauren and Lo posed for the cameras in their 50s inspired dresses and wore Foxy Originals Jewelry.

If I were Audrina, I’d be thinking, um, what the heck? I live here, too!

The MTV reality tv hit show has tapped into the latest beef between the love triangle that is Lauren, Lo, and Audrina. In Season 4 Lauren is stuck in the middle, having to juggle the friendships of lifelong pal (Lo) and new rock-loving friend/roomate (Audrina). They both seem like decent people and genuinely good friends, but the differences between them prevent the triangle from existing harmoniously. Is it rivalry that drives them apart? Prejudice? Jealousy? Who knows. But hey, here’s to hoping they all end up getting along!

As seen on Lo: Starfish Stud Earrings, Utopia Necklace.
As seen on Lauren: Scallop Necklace, Jasmine Necklace in Gold.


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