I love animals. All types of species, to be quite honest.

I also love animal print bikinis, but that’s a whole different story.

Really though, I love animals so much in fact, there is even a debate in our office in regards to the ethical treatment of cockroaches, (ie: catch in a Solo cup and disperse outside to live freely amongst its peers is my personal favorite). Regardless of your Buddhist/non-Buddhist approach to insects, I think the majority of people have a certain love for animals that cannot be explained. Dogs, most notably top our list of popular pets, with cats coming in a close second. But caring for your pets is a universal truth. Just ask the folks at Hospitality Hound!

We decided to check out some of our favorite fashion friendly celebrities and see exactly how much love they have for their pets.

Check out our list of swoon-worthy canines and their celebrity counterparts:

Ryan Gosling & George

Sigh, what is more adorable than watching a man dote on his dog? Nothing. The answer is nothing. And watching Ryan Gosling interact with his puppy dog, George, is pure bliss. George is an 11-year-old mixed breed with a now famous, Mohawk haircut. Gosling has said about George that he is “the great love of my life”. Swoon.

Amanda Seyfried & Finn

This blonde bombshell most notably seen in films such as Les Miserables and Mean Girls  definitely has a soft spot for her ginger-haired Australian Shepard Finn. Not only is Finn extremely well behaved (as he has traveled the talk-show circuit with the star) but he also has his own Twitter with almost 11,000 followers. Now before you get angry at why a dog has fifteen times the amount of followers as you, just note that Finn (who probably actually isn’t the one tweeting) reminds his followers often how important it is to adopt an animal.

Lauren Conrad, Chloe, & Fitz

The notable fashionista is a huge fan of pet adoption, as she rescued her pup Chloe about five years ago. Most recently, Conrad decided to adopt another puppy to keep Chloe company, and in came Fitz, the tinier, almost identical twin to Chloe. Fitz, who is named after the author of Conrad’s favorite book The Great Gatsby, is said to be the perfect addition to her family. Kudos to Conrad for supporting rescue dogs and setting a great example for all of her fashion followers.

Taylor Swift & Meredith

Cats need love too, people. And what better person to give that love than Ms. Romantic herself, Taylor Swift. Meredith Swift is a Scottish fold cat named after Grey’s Anatomy character Meredith Grey, the show being Swift’s favorite. Swift has incorporated her feline friend into a variety of her social media platforms, easily making her one of the most popular cats in history (sorry Garfield). Check out some adorable pics of Swift and Cat Swift and learn why dogs aren’t the only animals celebs have as pets.

Jessica Biel & Tina

Pitbulls have been given a bad rap within society, especially in our state of residence, Florida. I personally feel that pitbulls are some of the sweetest dogs around (personally knowing many, including a sweetheart named Dakota Piglet Cuddles – real name). Clearly, the 7th Heaven star agrees, as she has had her pitbull Tina for many years. Biel supports “The Wild Animal Sanctuary” helping animals in need from her home state of Colorado.

Kendall Jenner & Blue

Besides being the face of Agua Bendita this year, Kendall Jenner is also making headlines with her adorable Great Dane puppy, Blue. Jenner received Blue as a gift for her 18th birthday from her brother Rob Kardashian. Since then, social media has exploded with pictures of the adorable (and soon will be gigantic) puppy and his ma. Don’t know how big Great Dane’s get? Just check out the paws on that little monster.

And by the way, the answer to which celebrity owns the best animal print swimwear……

Kim K. all day!

Oh and if you didn’t already know, the Kardashian’s swimsuit game is the best around.

Care to share some info on your own pet? Leave it in the comments below!


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