Which Type of Swimsuit Flatters Your Body?

We live in a world where every swimsuit model appears to have the perfect body. For the rest of us, curves really do exist. With so many different types of swimwear styles out there, it can be intimidating to decide what style would be most flattering to your very unique body. What looks amazing on your bestie may or may not be doing you any favors. Let’s walk through a few different body types and styles that flatter them so that you can find the suit that looks best on YOU.

Small Bust

If you have a small bust, there are plenty of ways to give your girls a little extra oomph (silicon-free!) Triangle top bikinis outline the bust and tend to give the illusion that there is something there (even if there really isn’t.) The MAYLANA Kai Red Stripes Top has an added layer of padding to give your bust a fuller look. If you’re looking for a little more natural look, bralette bikini tops are about to be your new favorite style. Natural, shapely and oh-so-flattering, triangle tops provide a band under the bust for an extra lift and just the right amount of cleavage so you’ll never again be tempted to stuff with socks.


Large Bust

Those of us who have been a bit more “blessed” in this region have a completely different issue altogether.  In your case, ladies, I would navigate toward underwire bikini tops with the perfect amount of support to keep the girls perky and happy but still covered and under control. The brand new Bendito Bruna Tropic bikini by Agua Bendita is an excellent option with a beautiful caged detail at back and tropical jungle print.  Another phenomenal option is a crop top like the Calypso Underwire Halter bikini Top. We can thank the D-cup gods that this elongated top is not only available, but is SUPER trendy right now. Rest assured that the support you’ll receive in this one is TOP-notch.   Many swimwear companies have suits specifically designed for women with larger chests (check out our D+ cup section), as designers realize that it can be hard for women with this body type to find swimwear that makes them feel comfortable. Also be sure to check out designers like OndadeMar and Agua Bendita since they have a lot of options for you D cup divas.


Have you recently had a baby, or maybe shed a few pounds, and want to cover stretch marks or scars? Are you finding as a new mom at the beach that you need to be a bit more covered but are having a hard time giving up your beloved skimpy brazilian bikini? No fear, ladies. You are not doomed to a lifetime of boring one pieces. Check these babies out: monokinis. They are exactly what their name suggests: your favorite ‘kini but in one piece, providing you the extra coverage in all the right places. Get them in all shapes and sizes, as is evidenced by the super creatively shaped Dani Black monokini by Maylana where you can find a variety of monokinis with brazilian cut, open-backed, high-necked, or even plunging neck.

High Waisted

If you did recently have a baby, you may also be trying to work on the baby belly. (Don’t stress about that, girl – you have enough to deal with chasing that new toddler around!)  But if you find yourself needing to cover the tummy, I would suggest high-waisted bikinis. Look for a bright colored or fun top to draw attention to your upper half, then pair it with a super flattering high-waisted bottom. Also, prints can take away attention from your body and direct that attention towards the suit, regardless of the cut just like the new MAYLANA Dayja High Waisted Bottom with a unique tropical palm print. But also, remember, your body is beautiful and most women think they have more of a tummy than they actually do.  


Athletic build

Last, but certainly not least, is the athletic/stocky build. Some of us may not naturally have curves, but as women, we’re pretty skilled at creating the illusion that we do! Choose feminine cuts, prints, and details to soften your look. Some ideas range from sweetheart necklines,underwire for better support and hand embroidered details. OndadeMar Selva Underwire bikini Top combines all three, making it the feminine pièce de résistance!


At the end of the day, my best advice is to find the swimsuit you feel comfortable in. We all have body hang ups, but our uniqueness makes us who we are. Embrace that uniqueness as your own, and show it off in the suit that accentuates YOU. Remember, if you’re ever browsing our catalog and want advice on what would play up your best features, feel free to contact us, and we’d be happy to help


Daniela Ortega

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