Chloe Sevigny

Out in our backyard of South Beach, Miami, Chloe Sevigny lounged by the ocean with some friends during New Year’s. Apparently ignorant of her mishap, she turned around and showed the hidden paps the wedgie that formed on her two-piece swimsuit. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Maybe Chloe didn’t think to pull out the trimming of her hipster bikini bottom because of how much fun in the sun is to be had at the beaches of MIA.

Swan Lake by Betsey Johnson

Inevitably, we (and by “we” we mean the entire world) were witness to a designer bathing suit no-no. We’re not against her choice of bathing suit, because as a matter of fact, we love black swimsuits with flowers, but something a bit more whimsical could have done her good.

A great option to re-style her look is the Swan Lake Bikini by Betsey Johnson Swimwear. The swan black and white print gives the plain black solid a facelift, and the pleated ruffles at the top with tiny pink roses at straps just makes it all the more adorable. The best part is that unlike the one she has on, this boyshorts bottom stays put and does not ride up that easily. Which would do the girl a favor, frankly, since she doesn’t seem to feel a breeze down in her booty when her cheeks are showing.

Front and back view

We’re here to help you Chloe! We love you girl, but unless you specifically wear a thong or brazilian cut bikini, try not to let it hang out!


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