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Los Angeles native Tina Tangalakis always sought to combine her love of art and humanitarian work. As a student, she studied costume design at California Institute of the Arts and later went on to work as a wardrobe stylist for film and television. In September 2009, Tina participated in a volunteer program abroad which landed her in Hohoe, Ghana. There she quickly became enamored with the culture and warm hearts of the friends she made. With her background in business and design, Tina teamed up with a local entrepreneur to begin Della, a socially responsible fashion line working directly with a community in Ghana, West Africa. Della beach accessories are carefully handcrafted using authentic textiles sourced in the Volta Region. The passionate, talented women and men who create the pieces are given an opportunity to build a foundation for a better life through jobs, education and skills training.



They are a woman-owned and woman-run business working directly with a community in West Africa, providing jobs, education and skills training to their employees. Della is driven by awareness of the need for a global market that provides socially-responsible, quality products. They are not a charity; they are a business done – and doing – “right.”


Shop Della Accessories for 2014:

Della Etcetera Hobo Bag



These bags really are perfect for any occasion, not just for a trip to the beach. The dimensions come in at 18″ wide and 12″ deep, so you can certainly fit anything, and probably everything in this bag. With a sturdy lining and magnetic snap closure, this bag is made with sustainable materials so while you’re rockin’ the latest fashion trend, you’re also keeping our environment going. Talk about a win/win. Check out the rest of our Della accessories here:

Contagious Hobo Bag



Ignition Hobo Bag



Ignition Turban


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