Valentine's Day Inspo: Why to Wear a Crop Top?

Easy peasy! You should wear a crop top swimsuit for your Valentine's date because it's utterly flattering. The efficient design of these bikini tops puts in best light almost every body shape and size. On top of that, these sexy fashion pieces can be paired in tons of combinations to create all kinds of outfits; in and out of the water! If you're planning a tropical escapade for Valentine's day, you should undeniably pack one of these.

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Now, to inspire the most romantic Valentine's date ideas, our crew of fashion specialist has skillfully mixed the 4 charming looks you'll find below:


Theme 1: Pink ruffle extravaganza

This is the perfect outfit to have a candlelight dinner at a luxury resort. Just picture the sound of the waves at the background and yourself looking rad as heaven with a pink crop top. Dreamy right?

The swim top by Touché Swimwear features a one-shoulder top design embellished with feminine frills. Spice it with linen pants and red heels to get a haute couture vibe.

From the left: GOLDSIGN pleated high-rise wide-leg jeans, TOUCHÉ Morganite Ruffles Top & GIANVITO ROSSI Portofino 85 suede sandals


Theme 2: Girl-next-door's style

It's your first Valentine's day as a couple and you're up for casual? At the Orchid Boutique, there's a cute crop-top for the occasion!

This time we suggest a classic white crop top, denim pants and a side of pink glam. Verdelimon Swimwear brought to life this shirred-stretch top with lovely knots at the shoulders. Its design provides a delicate and whimsical vibe filled with cuteness. Paramount outfit goals for a lunch date! 

From the left: GOLDSIGN The Benefit high-rise straight-leg jeans, VERDELIMON White Missouri Top & GUCCI Scarlet mules 


Theme 3: Peace and a double shot of love

Our third set is a 70's inspired Valentine's outfit that irradiates poise and funky vibes. The sexy crop-top featured in this combo was designed by Aquamanile Swimwear, it displays long-sleeved style and top-notch European cloth. We're also living for the frills in these linen pants and the comfortable sandals. Simply great to take a walk along the shore with your loved one.


From the left: MIGUELINA Pamela belted fringed linen wide-leg pants, AQUAMANILE Calla- Lily Top & ATP ATELIERAllai two-tone leather slides


Theme 4: All-natural aura

A bohemian combination of pastels and nature-inspired textures is presented in this romantic ensemble. The heart and soul of this outfit is the Birdie Crop-top silhouette by Maylana Swimwear.

This vintage bikini top features a convertible design that can be tied at the front or back. Then a maxi-skirt adds elegance to the equation and the canvas sandals wrap it all perfectly.

From the left: MATTEAU Gathered linen and cotton-blend maxi skirt, MAYLANA Camellia & CULT GAIATao canvas sandals


BONUS THEME: Running girl!

We know that this is not precisely the outfit you'll wear for Valentine's day, however, we couldn't miss the chance to introduce you to the gorgeous crop tops by Maqui Sportswear.

You'll also find a fashionable selection of sporty leggings and comfortable t-shirts to work those buns in style.

From the left: MAQUI Gym and Tonic T-Shirt, MAQUI Ona Sporty Crop-Top, MAQUI Ona Leggings & APL TechLoom Phantom 3D mesh sneakers


So why should you wear crop-top swimsuits this Valentine's day? Just because it is the ultimate embodiment of versatility! Creating outfits with cute crop tops is a MUST fashion statement. You can evaluate the fit's merits, the price on the market or the variety of styles and the results will always be uber positive.

We hope our combos have given you an extra shot of inspiration for your next romantic date. Also, don't forget to use the CUPIDSBIKINI* code and save 25% off your order!!


*CUPIDSBIKINI excludes Agua Bendita, Malai, and items on sale.



Ethel Gomez

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