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Guess what, folks? Orchid Boutique is branching out. That’s right, not only are we a Goliath in the designer swimwear industry, but we decided to get our feet wet in other areas of fashion, beginning with apparel. This year we’ll be showcasing our latest designers and their awesome apparel and footwear collections, starting with a new fan favorite Kaanas Shoes! Easily, this shoes collection is the go-to beach accessory item for 2014.

Kaanas is a shoe brand that creates extremely fashionable, and fantastically comfortable  espadrille shoes. These shoes are unique in their design and pattern work, and they slip on so comfortably it’s like you’re walking on soft sand.
Nati and Lily Acevedo launched their brand Kaanas, in order to share a story of a steadfast Colombian tribe that sustains themselves through the art of traditional weaving. The people of this tribe are known as the Wayuus. The patterns and designs used for the Kaanas collection of women’s espadrilles are directly inspired by the Wayuu’s signature weave.  The handcrafted artisan women’s slip-on shoes are unique in their own right. Each skin is painted individually so that every stripe and shape is an original, making each pair of Kaanas footwear is a one-of-a-kind piece of fashion.
The new line of Kaanas flats are inspired by the island of Madagascar. The “island’s remote and isolated  location gives it a magical air” which translates into powerful prints and truly extraordinary materials. In was in the small town of San Benito, Colombia where Nati and Lily discovered old artisanal tanneries where skins were hand-painted.
Not only are their products fiercely original, but the company itself has a very Bohemian-style of culture.
These organic cotton shoes are the perfect complement to any resort wear outfit, making it a new must-have beach accessory. Kaanas also showcases handcrafted tote bags and beach bags, perfect for your next weekend getaway.
Check out some of our favorite Kaanas pieces today and start your own collection:

KAANAS Marrakech Cabo


KAANAS Marrakech Eggplant


KAANAS Ariela Eggplant Tote


KAANAS Oliva Olive Crossbody Clutch

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