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Valentine’s Day is really a love/hate type of holiday. Either you loooove the idea of spoiling your significant other and making them feel super special for 24 hours, or you HATE the fact that there is a holiday to celebrate love when really it should be all year long. Many a folk in the Orchid Boutique offices have specific views on the holiday. It seems to at times, single out the single kids, or put an unnecessary pressure on the day to get your gal or guy the right gifts. It might be make-or-break for some. So, we’ve come up with an awesome gift guide for your guy this Valentine’s Day. Let me just tell you, our new men’s swimwear line is a must-see.

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Geo Print Weekender Bags

Many of us take more weekend trips than we realize, and what better way to prepare for a few days away than with a stunningly trendy weekender bag? The Of All Threads Navy Geo Print Weekender bag retails at around $55 and is the perfect duffel for your guy to store his weekend essentials. Another way this gift can exude versatility? Let’s say you and your guy are getting serious, but not THAT serious that you want to give him a key or clear out a drawer. Let him use this bag to trek back and forth between your places. It’s much trendier than schlepping around a backpack.

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Otis & Eleanor Bongo Speaker Set

Does your guy listen to music round the clock? In his office, while he cooks you dinner, or even in the shower? Then it’s time to invest in a super chic speaker set from Otis & Eleanor. These speakers are bluetooth compatible and feature a bamboo wood box. You can even go a step further and make him a kickin’ Spotify playlist to jam out with on his new set. Two lovebirds, one stone.


Men’s Swimwear

If your guy wears the same swim trunks he has had for the past five years, then it is time for an upgrade. Men don’t realize that they too, can be trendy at the beach. Tell him to ditch those old basketball shorts and hop into the new Agua Bendita Bendito Palmeras shorts. With an inspired print throughout, plus an adjustable waistband, these shorts fall right above the knee. If you really want to amp up the Valentine’s gift giving, pack the Agua Bendita trunks in his new weekender bag and take a mini vacation to reignite your love life.


The Sriracha Cook Book

We all know Sriracha had a huge year in 2013. Not only did the Thai hot sauce basically usurp ketchup as the king condiment, but the Sriracha factory was also in talks of being shut down indefinitely. What is this mystery puree you ask? Sriracha is a type of hot sauce made from a paste of chili peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic, sugar, and salt. Now, we all know that most men go googly for hot sauce, and this condiment takes the cake. Why not get your guy a cookbook to get creative with his condiment passion? Bacon-Sriracha cornbread anyone?

Happy Valentine’s Day, and happy shopping!


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