Attention Miami residents and future Miami visitors! Miami and it’s surrounding neighborhoods are not just to show off your designer swimsuits. Are you stuck in a restaurant rut? Finding yourself circling the same circuit of culinary cuisines? Well rest assured, we are here to cleanse your palate and introduce you to a phenomenal food spot in Brickell.  After a recommendation from a friend, I ventured out this past weekend to try the brunch that was deemed “off the chain”. Alas, OTC does not stand for that, per say, but rather it stands for “Over the Counter” and when you walk through the doors you can certainly see why.

OTC serves modern American cuisine, craft beers and artisanal wines. They pride themselves on being a scratch kitchen making a commitment to using great quality ingredients, preparing them simply and maintaining bold flavor profiles. Leading the team of culinary greats is chef Jacob Anaya, who recently left the squad at the restaurant Azul to head up the OTC kitchen. Anaya brings Californian & Asian flavors to OTC’s small plates menu, which when read like a novel, you just can’t put it down.

The rustic decor mixed with modern comfort cuisine, it’s no wonder the place was beyond packed when we arrived. Luckily we were lead to the bar by the friendly hostess to try what OTC likes to call “Bottomless Mimosas”. For $20 a pop, each person can sip on champagne and OJ all morning long, brought to your table in what seems to be an always full carafe.

As soon as we poured our first glasses however, we were sat outside at a quaint table amongst the crowd, (think Brickell residents in boat shoes and aviators, most taking advantage of Mo’vember madness).

The great thing about OTC, as well as many other modern spots popping up all over the city, is that they offer smaller plate options perfect for sharing. So, this is exactly what we did:

Frito Pie

This was recommended to us by our very charismatic waiter, who raved about the dish. Me being the less-than-basic Spanish speaker, I thought frito, so like fried or something. Welp, let me confess that it does not mean fried and IN FACT has actual Fritos in it! Our waiter divulged that in Texas this dish is normally served inside the small Fritos bag, but here they classed it up a tad bit. The plate is a layered dish, with Fritos being the bottom layer. Working your way up, there is a delicious layer of soft, pulled chicken thigh, which seemingly was marinated to perfection. Next came a layer of cheese, which was melted and oozed into each crevice the Fritos provided. Lastly on top was a light mix of tomato and avocado salsa. This dish I would recommend, primarily because of the unique flavors as well as the original ingredient collab. My one gripe however, was that there was an abundance of salt, which I assumed was from the Fritos themselves. I think maybe I would have wanted to dull the saltiness a tad with a small scoop of sour cream.

Overall, order this and wow your mouth.

Charred Eggplant Dip

Eggplant honestly has never tasted so good. Blended into a light whip of flavors, you taste the char right out of the gate, along with the light flavor of the eggplant. Served with triangles of grilled bread and a light drizzle of Espelette oil, this had to be my favorite dish of the day. The flavors work so well together, this is the perfect way to start any of your future OTC meals.

Thai Chicken Wings

Chicken wings, chicken wings. We have a bond that cannot be broken. Especially when they are drenched in a sweet Thai-Chili sauce and grilled to absolute excellence. Personally, I prefer my wings a bit on the crispy side (crispy skin wrapping a juicy meat filling) and OTC 100% nailed it with these wings. They were the star dish around our table. Served next to a papaya-cabbage slaw, I would come back strictly for a few of the wings and a cold craft beer.


I love goat cheese. Well, I really love all cheese, but goat cheese is a top favorite. So when I saw a Goat-Cheesecake on the menu, I knew what was up as soon as I put the menu down. Our waiter told us it would be unforgettable, so we happily obliged. Served in a cute mason jar, the flavors were blended so nicely. Topped generously with a crunch of toasted pine nuts and Hawaiian sea salt, it was an ideal way to end the meal. My only grumble would be for more of the crumble, possibly at the bottom or a middle layer. It was just that delicious and the change in texture was very much welcomed.

Orchid Boutique gives OTC Brickell 4 out of 5 orchids and we will gladly be back for more. Happy hour anyone?


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