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There’s a new brand in town taking over the swimwear game. That’s right, we said it. There is a brand coming up through the style ranks, starting to turn some heads with the fierce animal print designs and chic fit trends. We’re talking about our exclusive line Orchid Label, and since today marks the official day of receiving the first 2015 Orchid Label shipment, we’re ready to freak the eff out on why our brand is so damn cool this year.

Orchid Label Swimwear is our very own Orchid Boutique brand. With a series of solid styles in luxurious fabrics, trendy silhouettes, and truly affordable pricing., Orchid Label provides a variety of options to mix and match your style – without breaking the bank. Orchid Label swimwear pieces are meant to be used in versatile ways, either together or as separates, and can be combined with resort wear, beach accessories, prints, and beaded pieces from our other designers. Our swimsuit designs are inspired by the current trends of the swimsuit season, but their solid colors and timeless cuts allow you to use these suits for years to come! The attention to detail and impeccable design are what make the Orchid Label stand out in the crowd. Whether you’re simple and classy or outgoing and fun, this versatile collection is perfect choice for every beach girl.

Check out some reasons WHY Orchid Label should be your go-to brand in 2015:

Old Styles, New Prints

One of the coolest parts of the Orchid Label 2015 collection, is that we combined all the kickass styles we had last year, and upped the game with new prints and new colors. So some of those fan favorites, like the Dani Monokinis, the Marvie Sport tops, or the Kaya bikinis which got a style upgrade and can be purchased in a variety of new colors or even the latest fun prints.

Check out the styles below and get a glimpse into your swimwear future.


Under $100

Did you know this little gem of a fact — a majority of the swimsuit combos from 2015 Orchid Label are under $100. Which means you’re getting a brand new, 2015 designer swimsuit for under $100, that will last you a lifetime. That sounds like one heck of a bargain to me.


Wrap Bikini Tops Galore

A trend that really took stride in 2014 were wrap tops and guess what? That lovely trend is officially pouring into 2015. We freaking love wrap tops for a few reasons. Besides the fact they are new to swimwear and officially so trendy and tight, but they also are one of the most practical tops around. The cross-feature plus the ability to tie on your own and adjust those straps allows for better coverage for the gals, as well as better support. Trend + Practicality = one of our favorite trends.

Check out all of our favorite wrap tops plus the variety of bottoms we’ve paired from Orchid Label 2015:



Reed Congdon

Have you…..seen our model? Reed Congdon is the beautiful young lady gracing us with her sultry and sexy swimsuit style, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Not only does she have a killer bod, but like, have you seen her eyes? It’s like this lovely combination of turquoise jewels and the Miami ocean. Yeah, we said it. Check out one of the hottest models to hit the circuit and we dare you not to fall in love.


You Spoke, We Listened

The coolest thing about owning your own swimwear brand is that you can listen to your customers and adjust accordingly to their needs and wants. So when we received a TON of feedback from our 2014 collection, we were actually able to incorporate that into our 2015 designs. For example, when you said you loved the Emma Wrap top, but wanted new colors and designs, BOOM, we did you a solid. Or when you said you were tired of the pinks and yellow and wanted some floral in the mix — well, you’re welcome. Or how about those new high waisted swimwear printed bottoms that you asked for?

We love getting feedback and our new collections always reflect what you guys want. Democracy in full effect (insert hands-up emoji here).


Mix & Match

It’s really a blast when we can come up with extraordinary tops and killer bottoms and just mix and match the heck out of them. We LOVE combining separate pieces to come up with really unique swimwear combos. Orchid Label allows us the freedom to pair different tops and bottoms together to create an inexpensive style swap. Our Emma Black Wrap can literally go with any bottom. ANY. You can buy most of our pieces for under $50, then mix and match them together for a new swimsuit every time. Style that never disappoints.

Shop the rest of our Orchid Label 2015 collection today.


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