Why Romantic Comedies Fail Us in Love

Everyone loves a good romantic comedy, right? The boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back, a few music montages and a happy ending with girl frolicking on beach with boy in her two piece swimsuit on their honeymoon in the Maldives. Voila. But while these movies are all feel-good lovey-dovey flicks that leave us feeling happy and hopeful, are they really accurate portrayals of relationships? Are these representations of love actually causing more harm than good?

Let’s break down some key elements in romantic comedies and how they may be failing us in love.

The Grand Romantic Gesture

Romantic comedies are chock full of these. Think, John Cusack holding a stereo over his head. Or Hugh Grant showing up at a press conference and confessing his love in front of millions. These gestures are beautiful, poignant parts of each romantic comedy, but do they work? First and foremost, where can you even buy a stereo nowadays? And would you need to bring your AV cable to hook up your iPhone? Alright, besides that, romantic gestures are full of vulnerabilities that you need to be prepared for. Everything might just backfire. You’re putting yourself out there, expecting a certain response, when in actuality you may just get crushed. Be careful, people. It doesn’t always turn out the way you’d hope.

People Change


This one is a killer. Since stories are naturally all about change, it’s common in movies for one of the main characters to shift in life. We’re talking about the guy that is a notorious womanizer waking up one day to only realize he changed his ways because he is in love with the girl that is not a model, or remotely the type he is used to dating. Yay happy ending. But, we call bullsh*^. People only change when they want to change, and most of the time even that is temporary. Even trying to change someone in general is a bad idea. Love people for who they are and kick them to the curb if they don’t have the qualities you need.

Kissing in the Rain


The Notebook. They ruined it for us. Kissing in the rain looks so appealing, yet there are a few keys things we’re not talking about. What about the cold? What about the fact you’re wet, like soaking wet afterwards? What about catching a cold and getting sick? Pneumonia, anyone? Alright, we’re not trying to be cynical, but romantic movies have glamorized kissing in the rain, when in reality it isn’t that difficult to open up your umbrella or walk toward shelter. You’ll at least stay dry, right?

Leaving People at the Alter

Listen up, everyone. Leaving someone at the alter is NOT COOL. We’re always rooting for the guy who interrupts the wedding to get the girl of his dreams, think Made of Honor, The Graduate, Sweet Home Alabama, etc. We actually are HOPING that the wedding is interrupted because we’re all fans of the main characters finally getting together. But look, does it really have to come down to the wire this way? And what about the person left at the alter? Nobody cares that they will forever live in misery. And last, but certainly not least, WHO IS PAYING FOR ALL OF THIS?! Just make sure if someone you love is getting married either tell them way before wedding day, or keep your mouth closed.  End rant.

We’re all fans of romantic comedies, but just make sure you’re not taking the actions and messages and using them in real life. Things could get very messy, very fast. Keep it simple and keep it real.


Ana Lopez

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