Wonderland Monokini by Paradizia

We know summer is beginning to wind down, but that’s no reason not to feel wonderful for the last few months of perfect sunbathing weather. What a better time to soak up that last days of sun and warm weather? To close the season with a bang, consider a monokini swimsuit that brings up a fantastical theme when you hit the pool. We’re referring to the Wonderland Monokini by Paradizia Swimwear. If Alice would have hit a pond or lake with the Mad Hatter, this would be the suit for her! We love the idea of a two piece and a one piece blended together to create a very versatile silhouette. Is is a one piece, is it a two piece? We don’t know about you, but we love to keep people guessing, and monokinis are just about that mystery, showing some skin and covering other parts to create a sexy and playful style.

Paradizia Swimwear is a new designer we’ve recently begun to carry that we’re very excited about. This Colombian brand is full of colors, textures, and mixtures and their impeccably designed swimsuits feature luxury detailing. If you love Agua Bendita Swimwear, you’ll love Paradizia as well. Colombian brands are recognized for their hand embroidered details and thought out designs, and Paridizia is not the exception. The sexier silhouettes, combined with one of a kind pieces create amazingly beautiful and flattering swimear.

A cute detail at back

The Wonderland Monokini features a gorgeous blue, pink, beige, and brown floral pattern. This piece is convertible, meaning it can be worn as a bandeau top or as a v-neck (as shown). A convertible swimsuit offers the versatility of wearing it various different times. You can change the look of your suit without changing suits! If you look changing up your style and creating different looks with just one item, then covertibles like these are ideal for you! On the backside of the bottom, the plaid pattern features circular applique with heart in the center, adding some interest to your rear end (which we are sure is super cute!). You can never go wrong with a monokini, it is the best of both worlds!

Feeling wonderful is one click away – so go ahead and get yourself a hot monokini like this one. You deserve it before this hot weather runs out.

Ana Lopez

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