You know when you go into a store looking for that perfect bathing suit… you find it… but… it’s so not your color! If only it was in that gorgeous blue or you’re just looking for a sophisticated black look, because green just isn’t your thing.

Well look no further, because today is your lucky day!

We all LOVE the Kiara Envy, shown below, and because of that we want to add it in another color

Commence 5 second solo dance party now! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and done. Back to business.


Only thing is… we can’t decide which color to get it in! Such a dilemma What to choose!

Well, we’ve racked our brains a ton and decided to just let you guys pick! Once we have a winner, we’ll order that color and you’ll be able to get it on our website or our South Beach location! Woooooo!

So PLEASE! Let us know Follow us on Twitter and tweet us your choice @orchidbtq with the hashtag #youpick. You can also tag us in an instagram picture @orchidbtq, comment on the blog, send smoke signals, pigeon carrier- ANYTHING!

But get on Twitter now because we want to order it soon! (And we’re sure you want to wear it soon!)

Ready, set, PICK!


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