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  • | Ana Lopez

    What’s Your Spring Break Style?

    Here at The Orchid Boutique, Spring Break is an exciting time. There are lots of gorgeous new styles in, and lots of style inspiration with the way customers pair items in ways we hadn’t even thought of. The beach here in sunny Miami is flooded with great style, and celebrity sightings have best-of-the-best swimwear to […] View Post
  • | Ana Lopez

    Top 20 monokinis for 2019

    Its always summer somewhere, so we need to be in constant search for the perfect swimsuit. Search no more, the monokini is the 'It' piece, the perfect middle ground between sexy and boring. Here are our top 20 monokini picks, we've made it easy for you, just pick one and you wont be disappointed for sure. View Post
  • | Ana Lopez

    Top Five Brazilian Bikinis to Rock this Summer

    Our Customer Support team is asked the same question almost on a daily basis: “I’ve lost the weight I wanted to and now I’m ready to wear my Brazilian bikinis! But where do I even start?” First and foremost, congrats to all of our customers that dedicated their time and energy into getting fit this past […] View Post
  • | Ana Lopez

    Finding the right Swimsuit for your body

    Opinions are like butts everyone has them.. same goes for swimsuits! But the question is: do you own the right swimsuit for your body type? Is it really flattering for you? I know what you’re thinking: “I don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret Angel with my bikini but I look fine” Well you’re wrong, you should […] View Post
  • | Mayra Jimenez

    High Cut Swimsuits: How to Wear Them

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of a little show called Baywatch. I say little because it was just run in a mere 144 countries around the world. So, basically, the entire planet Earth. Baywatch is still popular in some secular fan clubs even though it originally ran back in t... View Post
  • | Mayra Jimenez

    Mommy and Me Swimwear – Top Looks

    If you were into fashion before you became a mom, you know how it goes once you become one. Now, you don’t just want to find the cute outfit for yourself, you also want one for your kid. Especially if you love playing dress up with your little mini me. So moms of girls, we got you. We’re into the... View Post
  • | Mayra Jimenez

    The Ultimate Swim Guide for 2019

    The interesting thing about fashion these days is it can bring reference to all sorts of eras. You can have hints of the boho 60s with a hipster look or salute the 80s with a revamped version of the bubble gum lycra days.

    We’ve broken down the hottest swimwear trends by era, because they’re just too cute to miss.

    Here are the top swim trends for 2019!

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  • | Ana Lopez

    How to Shop Your Hourglass Body Type

    Many women strive to have an hourglass body type, as it is one of the most “ideal” body types. Women often strive to obtain this body type, when in actuality it is very difficult to shape any other body type that doesn’t come naturally. However, instead of wanting to change your body type – we […] View Post