Bandeau Swimwear is an extremely versatile and chic swimsuit top trend that is all the rage among all designer swimwear brands. We carry a wide variety of options for sexy and stylish bandeau swimsuits such as removable halter straps, padding, underwire, and clips at the back. When you select a bandeau bikini top, you eliminate the chance of getting visible tan lines around the neck line. Going with a string bikini - a triangle top - instead of a bandeau can create a fashion faux paus that is avoidable by simply wearing a bandeau top with your swimwear ensemble. Bandeau top swimsuits are great for sun tanning and laying out at the beach because they don't leave any tan lines in the neckline area.

Bandeau bikini tops are very fashionable and trendy, and are available in padded bandeau styles, twisted bandeau, underwire bandeau, and many more. Most bandeau bathing suits are great for cup sizes A through C, even though D cup size women can pull it off if the bandeau bikini provides extra support. Also, many swimsuits with bandeau tops come with removable straps that you can use for extra support or to simply change your look. Find, buy, and shop bandeau top swimwear and swimsuits at The Orchid Boutique, where our designer styles are carefully handcrafted and created for fashion lovers. The 2018 season brings in a multitude of bandeau trends for swimwear that are to die for. Bandeau bikinis are certainly all the rage in this day and age, now more than ever. Go bandeau swimwear!

There are so many bikini trends out there and more coming out every year, it makes the swim fashion world one of the most dynamic industries in the world. As trends come and go, some tendencies remain and reign over the fast-changing ones. Bandeau bikini tops are the perfect example of a simple exquisite design. This acclaimed top style is a must-have in any swim collection from renowned swimwear brands. Bandeau tops are recognized for being fun, trendy, simple and sexy. Its minimalist style showcases freshness and youth effortlessly, radiating an exceptionally fashionable look all the time.

Bandeau tops also known as strapless tops are a well-known swim and clothing style that consists of tops without straps that adjust perfectly around the torso and cover the bust area thoroughly.  They cover flawlessly the bust area adapting well from the bust line up to the upper part of the chest. The top basically wraps around the woman’s breasts to create stability and maintain everything in order. You can also find bandeau tops with removable straps that provide more balance and firmness offering extra support and safety at all times.

The history of bikinis date back centuries and Bandeau tops were actually one of the first bikini garments ever created. In the Piazza de Armerina in Sicily a truly famous mosaic called “bikini girls” showcases a group of Roman gymnasts wearing bandeau tops, bikini bottoms and even anklets. Exactly how girls dress for a beach day today. Six centuries ago in the 1900’s it was unthinkable for a woman to wear such revealing swimsuits, let alone a bandeau top. Nonetheless, not even half a century later wearing a bikini is as common as drinking soda. The fashion world has no limits.

Bandeau tops are by far one of the most versatile designs out there due to its shape and uncomplicated design. The swimsuit industry knows this and that is why there are so many trends of it! You can find bandeau tops with ruched fronts, macramé details at back, embroidery, underwire, padding, tassels, ruffles, bows, caged designs, removable straps and crop top styles. The combinations are endless. Variations are common between swimsuit lovers and are always more fun than simply sticking to the top and bottom that matches perfectly. At The Orchid Boutique tops and bottoms are sold separately; the customer has the freedom to decide how they want to style their look. Bandeau tops are mostly paired up with high waisted bottoms, but nothing looks more daring than a sexy bandeau top and a brazilian-cut bottom at the beach!

Celebrities like Candice Swanepoel, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Lana Del Rey and Alessandra Ambrossio wear bandeau tops all the time during vacations, beach events, red carpet events and music festivals around the world. That means that bandeau tops make a very fashionable outfit for different events, it just depends on how you style it! Strapless tops are usually styled with high waisted bottoms, skirts and shorts. In the swimwear world bandeau tops and high waisted bottoms are a perfect match. In our web page you can shop for the best bandeau tops and high waisted bottoms. Maylana, one of the best swimwear brands in the market has a beautiful strapless top called the Verena bandeau top. This fashionable top can be found in very different prints and styles. The most iconic prints are the Verena Pineapple, Verena Feather and Verena Watermelon. You can also find the Verena Macramé tops in prints like Verena Grapefuit and Verena Black. Macramé details at back offer extra support and a very chic feature to show off anywhere.

Other designer brands like Agua Bendita, Mar de Rosas, Malai, Ondademar, TOUCHE and Palmarosa have attractive and striking designs that could make any head turn. Ruffles for instance are a great way to look bustier. Brands like Malai use it all the time to make a swim top more interesting. A great example of a stylish ruffle design is the Summer Bird collection by Malai Swimwear. Hand embroidered features are perfect for people that love to be extra because it adds that exotic vibe that solid tops often lack. Underwire tops help women with bigger breasts to maintain stability when doing sporty activities like running, yoga or a volleyball match at the beach. Tassels are the new trend when it comes to swimsuit “jewelry” it is often used in various Ondademar collections like the new beautiful Buenavista collection. Bows are remarkably cute and Ondademar knows it! They have the cutest collections: Mojito, Vitra and Cuba in bandeau styles!

If you are not a fan of tan lines and want to achieve the best possible tan, bandeau tops should be your way to go. They cover just the right areas and expose the rest of the skin to get that wonderful tan most people only dream of. Basically, all you need to get sun kissed properly is a bandeau top, a low rise bottom and a bottle of your favorite tanning spray. Three easy steps and you will end up looking like a beach hottie in no time.

The best thing about most bandeau bikini tops is that you decide whether you want it strapless or with straps. It gives you complete freedom to choose what is best for you. If your goal is a perfect tan strapless tops are your best friend, but if you want an outfit for your next pool party bandeau tops with removable straps offer better support and firmness to make you feel super secure at any social event. Besides looking like a hottie at the beach, bandeau tops have a million other uses. You can wear them as bras or tops at the gym due to its undeniable comfort or even as a stylish crop top for your next big music festival event. It is definitely a very accepted and wearable look for any occasion when paired up with shorts, jeans or a skirt. Kendall Jenner is an enthusiastic fan of the “bandeau look” and often wears it to concerts, dinners and parties.

When it comes to choosing the right bandeau top you have to take two things into account. First, your body type and second the top style (bows, tassels, embroidery, ruffles, underwire, croptop style etc.).  This is very important information because some tops might look good when you buy them but after a few hours of dancing and partying not so much. The Verena Macramé top by Maylana Swimwear is an excellent example of stability and comfort. Its Macramé detail at back makes the top gain extra firmness and offers a marvelous support for people with large breasts and torsos. Underwires, like its own name says it’s a thin ‘U’ shaped wire made out of metal, resin or plastic that fits into the top locating itself right under the breasts to give the bust extra support continuously. This feature is recommended mostly for women with large breast sizes because of the extra support but also for women with small breasts because it can help lift and shape the chest area giving the impression of a larger bustier chest zone.

Reversible bandeau tops are fantastic! You get two tops for the price of one. It is as easy as simply reversing the item and voila, an entirely new look. Reversibility in clothing is actually a newly used trend that is gaining power in the fashion industry. Environmental damage is drawing socially responsible brands to create reversible clothing in order to reduce the environmental impact of massive consumerism and to make affordable garments that provide two print options in one swimsuit. Maylana Swimwear, the trendy fashion swim brand specializes in reversible suits as its own logo says: Seamless and Reversible. Maylana filled a void in the market for quality swimwear, affordable pricing and a revolutionary philosophy.

Let’s be honest, bras are boring and uncomfortable. With so many bandeau top styles and shapes in the market and even in our own Orchid Boutique selection you can find a wide range of designs and brands to choose from and rock the strapless style anywhere and anytime! The trendy features right now in bandeau tops are bows, tassels, embroidery, crochet, macramé and underwire. Due to the simplicity of the design, bandeau tops most of the time have one these features previously mentioned. Macramé for example is the most praised feature in bathing suits; that is why brands like Maylana and Orchid Label use it in a big part of their collections and designs.

Although it took some time for people to adjust to the idea of wearing a bikini at the beach, now it is a widely acclaimed trend that anyone can rock! Bandeau tops especially have been extremely popular amongst women of all ages and sizes. The versatility and comfort provided by this famous top style is well-known throughout the swimsuit industry and world. Its diversity of styles and features makes it a one of kind bathing suit top that will keep on reigning over the other top styles available in the market.