Beaded Bikinis

Beaded and Embellished Bikinis

For ages people have been referring to beaded bikinis and swimsuits when describing simple styles with beading in the straps and string bottom area. We'd like to introduce you to beaded swimsuits with a unique couture flair. At The Orchid Boutique you will find not only the classic beaded styles, but also unique beaded bikinis with encrusted rhinestones and sparkles, such as the styles from Agua Bendita and Luli Fama swimwear.

To fully bead a bikini takes careful handcrafted work, as is the case with the amazing beaded swimsuits from Agua Bendita Swimwear. Their hard working designers spend hours on one single piece, beading the suit to perfection and creating truly majestic designs. Shop the most exclusive beaded swimsuits and bikinis here.