Boamar is a new designer swimwear brand founded by Alex Hoyos, an influencer, designer, and entrepreneur with great knowledge about the world of fashion beachwear. It’s a hot new swimwear line that wants to brighten your beach getaway by making you feel good and fashionable in what you are wearing at the same time. It offers great quality and trendy two piece bikinis and one piece suits perfect for every occasion and that will last you a long time because they are designer made. Comfort, design, and fashion come perfectly together in each two piece bikini, one piece swimsuit, and beach cover up made by Boamar Swimwear. Boamar is a luxury brand that’s passionate about encouraging their customers to show the image they want to portrait through their pieces; they support every body type with exaggerated attention to technical construction. Through the summer memories they collect, Boamar Swimwear shows their customers new ways to enjoy life, encouraging a healthy mind set, travels, and also a perfect balance between the body and the mind, while giving back to the beautiful planet we all get to enjoy.

What inspires Boamar Swimwear is the everyday world. They want their customers to feel stronger and more confident when wearing their bikinis and swimsuits; this is what sparks their creative process and passion for swimwear. To be a relatively new brand in the fashion beachwear set, Boamar has captured the attention of everyone with their unique, beautiful and exotic pieces; they are always imposing fashion and welcoming the newest and best trends. This brand really does make a difference in the world of swimwear. Boamar has a wide range of prints and bikini designs to select from, from solid bikinis and floral ones, to laced swimsuits and one pieces with ruffle and cut out embellishments. They are characterized by doing an excellent job and their cuts and molds are perfect for every body shape, highlighting the best parts of each one.


Boamar Swimwear's designs reflect a perfect balance between sophistication and versatility and each piece is created with an extreme attention to details. The materials this brand uses to make their swimsuits are of very high quality and also lightweight, which allows them to be used very easily and to create an enhancing and flattering effect. In addition to these wonderful features, Boamar also has some very creative and fun bikinis that have the ability to be reversible, so each customer can decide how to use them. Boamar Swimwear fully understands that swimsuits are part of the everyday wardrobe and that they can also be worn off the beach or pool, plus, their fabrics are built to act as a real protective shield against UV rays, with a minimum UPF 50 and meeting international Standard ASTM 6603. Its latest collection is really innovative and timeless, and the new prints are inspired by what a woman feels inside, which is invisible to the eyes, this is why most of their swimsuits are reversible. Boamar Swimwear has very clear that finding the perfect bikini, which in addition to being gorgeous and be fashionable, is also able to show the best parts of your body, is a not very easy task. For this reason, to make bikini shopping a more relaxing and less stressful experience, all of their pieces are made very carefully and taking into account all body types, from pear-shaped silhouettes to straight ones. You can also accessorize them with a beach pareo or dress from their Resort collection, which is amazing as well. Shop the 2018 Boamar Swimwear collection at The Orchid Boutique today!