Bralette Bikini Swimwear

Bralette swimwear tops are the go-to choice for the girl who seeks a trendy top that will give her the support and comfort she would expect from a sporty-style bra. They are known for offering a sweet and simple look that is fashionable yet perfect for any activity out in the sun. Like a sports bra, bralette bikini tops typically feature more coverage around the bust with straps that provide added support. Bralettes are also constructed from the finest quality materials that are breathable and won't bog you down while you are having fun out in the sun! These features make bralette swimwear the perfect combination of functionality and style. At The Orchid Boutique, we carry a wide variety of bralette tops that offer maximum support for larger busts, criss-cross straps for optimal control during high-intensity sports, and thicker fashion straps for a boho and chic "cami look" that is trending for 2017.

When going for the bralette, you're picking out a bikini top that is not the standard. You're going out on a (strong) limb, going for the hot new trend that still stays pretty close to home. Bralette tops are so versatile that they are good for beach volleyball, swimming, surfing, jogging, and even working out. Leave the fear of your swimsuit falling off behind or the annoying pain at your neck from a string-bikini knot! Bralette tops fit you like you would want a cami or sports-bra to fit - perfect in every spot. Most bralette bathing suits are great for cup sizes A through C, even though D cup size women can pull it off if the bralette bikini provides extra support. Find, buy, and shop bralette tops swimwear and swimsuits at The Orchid Boutique, where our designer styles are carefully handcrafted and created for fashion lovers. Bralette bikinis are certainly all the rage in the swimwear world, now more than ever!